Hearing test

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

At Falls of Sound We Guarantee: Local Service. We are there for you. Maintenance and minor repairs on the spot. Ongoing maintenance plan at no extra cost. All available brands to match your hearing needs and the ability to compare different levels of the latest technology. A guaranteed result; we will not give up on …

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Falls Of Sound Client Review Video

“Ladies and Gentleman may I introduce our very first home made Client Review Video” Woohoo so proud of this production, our clients, our team and the results we’ve achieve! One picture is worth a thousand words so they say. Filming this video, talking to our clients and partners, submerged in quality and fantastic service was …

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Never Give Up

Don’t Give Up On Hearing

Mr. P was a client who didn’t regularly use his hearing aids. It wasn’t all his fault, though. They were over 5 years old and very sensitive to moisture. He is on medication that causes him to sweat and he constantly had to have his hearing aids repaired. As you can imagine, this was very …

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Thank You For the Gift of Hearing

Thank You For the Gift of Hearing

It’s not everyday people take time to say thank you in a way that tells you they really mean it. When it does happen, it is truly something to remember. Take the case of Nick and Kay. Kay is an internationally recognized artist (www.artlipton.net) who even has a Royal Commission to her credit. Nick is …

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Did you know we provide home visits?

Home visits how?  This kit contains equipment to perform hearing testing, hearing aid adjusting and spare parts like battery doors, domes and tubing. For your convenience, we have installed a ‘book now’ button below to make a booking for your next appointment. Hope to see you soon at your house. [button size=”medium” style=”primary” text=”Book Now” …

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Living with hearing loss

Living with a Hearing Loss. Hearing and quality of life are closely linked. Poor hearing affects both the person with the loss and those they communicate with. A comprehensive study conducted in the USA on the effects of untreated hearing loss on adults as well as their families found that hearing loss impacts on our …

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Sudden hearing loss?

Today I was testing a client’s hearing who mentioned he lost his hearing suddenly but it all happened a few months ago and the hearing hasn’t recovered. A sudden hearing loss is a rapid loss of hearing that can happen to a person all at once or over a 3 day period. It is far more serious than …

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