Katia Peeters

Obtained her degree as a Speech Therapist and Audiologist in Europe where she worked for many years in the hearing industry and specifically trained as an audiologist and worked with ENT in the fitting of cochlear implants.

Siemens Hearing Instruments invited her to come and live in Australia to train audiologists in the technology and fitting of hearing aids.

After several years of intensive travelling and presenting seminars in Australia, she decided to settle in Brisbane and re-focus again on the clinical side of her work. Falls of Sound in Indooroopilly had been operating very successfully, and Katia and her family moved to the Sunshine Coast where she opened Falls of Sound Maroochydore.

Katia’s priority in the business is to make sure that every client receives an outstanding experience in their “journey to better hearing”. Therefore she is constantly training herself in the latest technology of all brands. She appreciates the client’s feedback, so a further comparison between products can be analysed.

Katia Peeters


Trestan McMillan

Trestan completed his Master’s degree in Audiology at UQ and worked full time out west in Kingaroy and down south in Tweed Heads before making his way back to Brisbane to join the Falls of Sound team at Indooroopilly.

Trestan is an accomplished classical musician and French Horn player; he has performed with many high-level ensembles, including the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Youth Orchestra. As a musician, Trestan fully appreciates just how important our hearing is in our everyday lives and is passionate about helping people hear better. He approaches every problem with a positive, can-do attitude and cannot wait to help you achieve your hearing goals!


After an extensive period working in the United Kingdom, Elodie decided to return to her roots in Brisbane, where she seamlessly integrated into the Falls of Sound team as a dynamic Business Unit Manager. However, her journey took an unexpected turn as her deepening understanding of hearing aids ignited a profound passion for the field of audiology and a genuine desire to make a lasting impact on people’s lives.

Recognising her newfound calling, Elodie embarked on a dedicated educational path, becoming a certified audiometrist. Today, she proudly serves as a compassionate clinician at Falls of Sound, primarily focusing on the Indooroopilly and Caboolture locations. Her commitment to enhancing the auditory well-being of individuals has earned her a reputation as a trusted professional in the field.

Beyond her expertise in audiology, Elodie leads a multifaceted life. When she’s not immersed in the intricacies of ear care, she channels her energy into staying physically active and holds the prestigious title of a certified Pole Fitness Instructor. Embracing her multicultural background, Elodie fluently speaks French, Italian, and Spanish and is dedicated to expanding her linguistic repertoire.

A self-proclaimed geek at heart, Elodie’s interests extend beyond the world of audiology, and she proudly embraces her role as a cat-mum to her beloved feline companions, Mandarine and Clementine. With an insatiable curiosity for learning and an unwavering commitment to her community, Elodie continues to enrich the lives of those around her through her diverse talents and genuine passion for helping others.



Riley worked within the NDIS sector as a community support worker for five years before moving to Falls of Sound. He completed his Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Clinical Audiology in Melbourne, electing to move up the Sunshine Coast to ‘ride some waves’ pertaining to surfing and sound waves (Audiology). Quite a move from Central Victoria.  

Riley has also worked within corporate finance for several years, answering calls and developing customer service skills and a love for long black coffee. He completed his Master’s thesis on Professional barriers to Cochlear Implant Candidacy Evaluation. 

He is passionate about his vinyl music and sport, playing tennis, football and trail running most weekends. 

Riley seeks to provide an educational approach during appointments, aiming to help with all aspects of hearing health. Using the most fundamental element of communication, ‘listening’. 


Kristina’s journey into the world of audiology began when she seized an Optical and Audiological apprenticeship opportunity in Germany after completing high school. While equipped with both optical and audiological skills, she soon discovered that her true passion lay in the realm of hearing. Driven by love, she followed her husband to Australia, where her career in audiology flourished.

In the land Down Under, Kristina found herself working for Signia, a prominent hearing aid manufacturer. Her role involved providing crucial support to hearing clinics across Australia. Five years ago, she became an invaluable member of Falls of Sound, serving as the main Audiometrist at their Maroochydore clinic. Despite her demanding profession, Kristina has continued to pursue her love for running, participating in various marathons throughout South East Queensland.

In addition to her impressive career and athletic pursuits, Kristina has embraced motherhood and currently balances her time part-time due to the joys of having a baby. Her multilingual abilities, as she fluently speaks three languages, further enhance her role in providing comprehensive audiological care and support at Falls of Sound. As she continues to run, presently training for a half marathon, Kristina remains a shining example of dedication and passion in both her professional and personal life.

Kristina Konrad


Crystal Suter

With over four years of experience working within the hearing industry, Crystal has found her passion in helping people improve their lives through better hearing.

Crystal’s journey has been deeply fulfilling as she has witnessed the transformative impact of improved hearing on individuals and their loved ones.

One thing that sets Crystal apart is her unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. She believes that everyone deserves personalized care and attention, taking great pride in going above and beyond to meet the unique needs of each person she encounters.

As a proud mother who cherishes every moment spent with her family, Crystal has learned invaluable lessons in patience, empathy, and the importance of nurturing relationships through the experience of motherhood.

As someone who loves country music, nature, and adventure, you’ll often find Crystal outdoors, relishing the beauty of nature and camping with friends and family.

Crystal looks forward to connecting with you and continuing to impact your journey to better hearing positively!


After dedicating the majority of his professional journey to electrical contracting, Peter transitioned to the Falls of Sound team in 2015, assuming the role of Marketing Officer. His responsibilities spanned brand development, driving website traffic growth, enhancing website UI, and optimising advertising revenue. Peter played a pivotal role in formulating brand strategy and implementing statistical systems. His expertise extended to strategic consulting, encompassing the development of business plans and sales strategies.

Peter also guides emerging businesses, offering insights into Google products and social media strategies. He contributed to generating novel hearing-focused business initiatives, conducting thorough hearing market analyses and overseeing comprehensive database management and migration software. 

Reflecting on the Falls of Sound team, Peter expressed his admiration, stating, “Our team consistently makes me look good. These individuals are handpicked and deeply committed to caring for our clients.” He emphasised the rewarding nature of working at Falls of Sound, stating, “Being part of Falls of Sound means knowing that we make a positive difference in someone’s life every day.”


Ann Bailey

Ann has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the Health Industry, dedicating the last two years to specialising in Hearing Health. She finds this area exceptionally rewarding, emphasising the often underestimated importance of hearing and its profound impact on life when impaired.

Ann feels privileged to be working at Falls of Sound, describing it as a Family Practice that genuinely cares about its clients.

On a personal note, Ann shares that she has two beautiful granddaughters. Her interests include walking, reading, travelling, and watching movies. She considers herself a socialiser, enjoying the opportunity to meet new people.


Meet Kay, a visionary entrepreneur from an Indian background who has thrived in Australia for two decades. As the driving force behind an event organising company, Kay crafts unforgettable experiences for various occasions, showcasing a unique blend of creativity and strategy. Kay’s clothing brand, a testament to their design acumen, mirrors their commitment to style and substance.

Kay’s versatile roles include managing difficult airway workshops. Drawing from a background in radiology and business administration, Kay brings a fresh perspective to healthcare education. A devoted family person, Kay balances familial responsibilities while actively contributing to the community and networking scene.

Kay’s optimism is infectious, radiating positivity even in challenging situations. Her love for hiking and painting reveals a multifaceted personality, attuned to nature and artistic expression. Kay’s journey exemplifies a fusion of entrepreneurial spirit, cultural richness, and a zest for life, enduringly impacting both professional and personal spheres.




In 2009, Lynne embarked on a life-altering journey, leaving behind the familiar landscapes of the West Midlands in the UK to embrace the sun-soaked shores of Australia. Settling on the Coast, Lynne found a new home and a lifestyle that resonated deeply with her.

Life by the sea has become a central theme in Lynne’s narrative. She relishes the coastal lifestyle with its serene walks, camping adventures under the Southern Cross, and the joy of exploring diverse culinary delights by dining out. Lynne’s appreciation for life’s simple pleasures is reflected in her hobbies, where every moment is an opportunity to connect with nature and create cherished memories with friends.

Professionally, Lynne boasts an impressive 39-year tenure in Allied Health, a testament to her unwavering commitment and expertise in the field. Her journey began in dental, where she started as an assistant, gradually progressing to reception and ultimately assuming the role of a proficient practice manager. Always ready for a new challenge, Lynne transitioned to audiology a year ago, describing the experience as a rejuvenating learning process. Working alongside a fantastic team, Lynne finds joy in the dynamic and supportive environment that fuels her professional enthusiasm.

As she continues to grow personally and professionally, Lynne’s story exemplifies the spirit of adaptability and resilience. Her journey from the UK to the Australian Coast, marked by a love for coastal living, a rich professional history, and an ever-curious mind, is an inspiring tale of embracing change and finding fulfilment in every chapter of life.

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