Signia is the new name of Siemens.

Long known for their high quality, technologically advanced and expertly engineered devices, Siemens sold its Audiology business branch to create Sivantos and the Signia band name back in 2015. The only thing that has changed is the name and marketing methods.

Signia delivers all of the innovative and feature-packed hearing aids that you have come to expect from Siemens.

Active, the new hearing aid that looks like a wireless earbud.

Signia Active, the new hearing aid that looks like a wireless earbud. Hearables are the new trend. They are not hearing aids, the Signia Active is!

Available in 2 levels and rechargeable devices only.

Signia Active Charger
Signia Styletto Charger


Signia’s new Styletto is a rechargeable SLIM RIC that features a contemporary design and breaks the mould of traditional BTE hearing aids by taking advantage of how its lithium-ion battery technology doesn’t need to conform to the traditional size and shape of a button cell.

Available in Levels 1 to 5 and only rechargeable devices.

Pure X Charge and go

Pure X Charge & Go

With Pure Charge & Go you can stream high quality sound directly to the hearing aids. Enjoy music and hands-free phone calls. X stands for Xperience – the revolutionary new technology offering personalised hearing, adaptable in your everyday situations to offer the clearest sound possible. 

Available in Level 1 to 5 and in battery-operated or rechargeable.

Motion NX

Nx technology – for a natural-sounding voice and superior sound-streaming – with robust design, rechargeable and seamless Bluetooth connectivity.

Available in Level 1 to 5 and in battery-operated or rechargeable

Silk X

Almost invisible and simple to fit. Silk X has the full Xperience technology inside; it will adapt to your environment and sound natural. The flexible silicone click sleeves offer the perfect fit inside the hearing canal. This without the waiting period for custom aids.

Available in Level 1 to 5

Insio NX

Tailor-made, the Insio Nx fits perfect into your ear canal. This custom hearing aid delivers the full Nx technology so your natural voice will not be a problem: full wireless and remote control options for all models.

Available in Level 1 to 5


CROS technology is for people with unaidable hearing loss in one ear. This technology receives a sound signal on the unaidable ear and sends that sound to the other ear for processing. This combined with Xperience technology taking care of your own voice and surroundings, this device has a potent package of technology onboard.

Available in ALL Levels

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