For many people, earwax buildup can be an issue. Some people, especially for those in a humid climate and whose ancestors came from colder climates, natural produce excess earwax or dry, hard earwax.

Other possible causes of ear wax build-up are:

• Narrow or hairy ear canals.earwax removal
• Bony growths in the outer ear.
• Age, as earwax becomes drier with advancing years.

Possible symptoms of earwax build-up are:

• Earache
• Hearing loss
• Tinnitus
• Vertigo
• Reoccurring ear infections

Ear wax build-up can be a minor problem but there are those for whom it is a chronic dilemma. If it is causing you issues, you should seek professional assistance. You should never attempt to remove earwax with your fingers, cotton buds or any other objects. The most likely outcome of doing so will be you pushing the wax deeper into your ear. This can create further blockages that are even harder to remove. Even worse, if you use a hard object such as a bobby pin or a car key, it can result in irreparable damage to your hearing.

Our Audiology team is accredited in the field of cerumen management (wax management) and continue to engage in professional development to keep up with the latest trends and skill sets in the field.

Two methods of wax removal are used:

• Aural suctioning:  This method involves gently applying a suctioning tip into the cerumen (wax) and allowing the suctioning device to suction the cerumen through the tip.

• Cerumen (Wax) extraction via instrument removal.

This enables our clinicians to remove wax by suction, no water needed. It’s a fast and painless procedure and very popular with our clients. And very affordable at $105 for one or both ears.


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