Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

At Falls of Sound We Guarantee:

  1. Local Service. We are there for you. Maintenance and minor repairs on the spot.
  2. Ongoing maintenance plan at no extra cost.
  3. All available brands to match your hearing needs and the ability to compare different levels of the latest technology.
  4. A guaranteed result; we will not give up on your hearing.
  5. A minimum of 3 years manufacturers guarantee on hearing aids.


Local service to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

If we are not in your area, we may be able to come to you. We have two locations and two teams ready to help you with your hearing needs. We aim to make the journey to better hearing as easy as possible and give you back the confidence to communicate with your family and friends. We provide a top of the range service that will not stop until you are 100% happy with the outcome of your hearing experience. Minor repairs – for example, cleaning and maintenance, clearing blockages or replacing minor parts – are performed on site. We stock replacement parts for most common brands, including wax filters, tubing, batteries, etc.

We provide an ongoing maintenance plan as part of our ongoing service to you.

Our 5-year hearing and hearing aid maintenance plan includes 10 free check-ups to monitor the cleaning and testing of your hearing aids. Every 6 months, you come into the clinic for your clean and check where we clean and test your hearing aids on site. There is no appointment required for these regular check-ups and they can be done on a walk-in basis by any member of the Falls of Sound team. Our team will remind you when you are approaching your 6 monthly and yearly check-ups. Our 5-year service also includes 5 free adjustment appointments where you meet with an audiologist to discuss any issues you may be having and have your hearing aids adjusted to meet your needs. These appointments will need to be booked for these as we need to allow 45 minutes to assess your current needs. These are required annually. Our maintenance plan will save you money.

We offer all brands.

Being an independent hearing clinic this means Falls of Sound is able to offer you any brand available on the market. Other hearing clinics are often limited to one or two brands. This enables us to fit you with the best hearing device for you, rather than being restricted to what we are ‘allowed’ to provide. The device you end up with will depend on your needs, the size suitable for you and the severity and type of hearing loss. At Falls of Sound, a great deal of our time is spent investigating the different types of hearing aids available to ensure we can provide you with the widest possible selection of hearing devices.

A guaranteed result.

If we can’t find it, it’s not out there. That is why we can guarantee a positive result – a solution for your hearing needs. We are dedicated to finding a solution for each and every one of our patients and will continue to work until we find a solution that works for you.

3-year minimum manufacturer’s warranty.

We will honour the 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Add our 5-year maintenance plan, and you are covered for at least 5 years and can enjoy better hearing without additional expense. There is also the possibility of extending your manufacturer’s warranty.

Call us if you wish to book an appointment for a free hearing screening, or to discuss our five-point guarantee.

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