Celebrating thirteen years

Falls of Sound Celebrating 13 year Anniversary

It has been thirteen years. But, it seems like mere moments since the first ‘Falls of Sound Hearing Solutions Centre’ opened its doors. Katia, our founder and the mother of our little brood, has seen a lot of changes in that time. She has also ushered in more than a few innovations, of her own.

Falls of Sound was originally founded on the idea of not only providing hearing solutions to people in need but to educate them on the hows and whys of their hearing problems. Arming them with the knowledge they need, to make intelligent choices and be active participants in their own “journey to better hearing”.

To this end, they introduced such innovations as regular workshops for both their clients and their team. The goal, for their clients, is to educate them on the latest developments available to them. For their team, the main concern remains the client. They not only learn the technical side of the latest technologies but how to explain it in understandable terms. Of course, other subjects are covered like care of a hearing aid, testing and evaluating people’s hearing. The main focus though remains on serving the client.

Joys of Independents

Being an independent hearing clinic gives ‘Falls of Sound’ the freedom to offer the best possible hearing solutions regardless of what brand may offer them. Beyond this, rather than being bound by some company’s idea of a maintenance plan, they designed their own.

Under the ‘Falls of Sound 5 Year Care Plan’ clients can have their hearing aids cleaned and tested twice a year. It even includes yearly adjustments to its programming at no extra charge. All for 5 full years. No corporate store can offer that.

When Katia created the first ‘Falls of Sound Hearing Solutions Centre’ 13 years ago, she walked away from corporate life. She wanted to return to the clinical side of her profession where she could be more in touch with people.

As members of the teams, she has created, we invite you to join us in telling her congratulations. Your dream has become our reality.

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