Hearing aids – All major brands available giving you the Freedom of Choice and a Hearing Solution perfect for you!

Hearing Aids

If you are experiencing hearing issues or your family friends keep telling you that you are, have your hearing checked. The process is simple, painless and takes mere minutes of your time.

Hearing Test

5 years Effortless Hearing Guaranteed maintenance plan with every hearing aid. Cleaning and minor repairing of hearing aids on the spot even if you are not a client! Minimal waiting times.

5 Year Maintenance Plan



Earwax Removal

Earwax Removal

Hearing protection. Including Custom Made Plugs for Swimming, Music, Noise, Sleeping, iPods

Hearing Protection

Government Hearing Support. Free services to eligible adults* though Service Provider for the Government Program. Call us on 07 3378 5999 for Indooroopilly or 07 5443 8993 for Maroochydore to check for eligibility.

Government Hearing Support

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing Aid Accessories. Hearing devices like headphones, hearing aids, FM systems and wireless systems.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing assessment from the age of 6 years

*Conditions apply to clients under the Commonwealth Hearing Services Voucher System.