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There is so much more to helping hearing loss than just hearing aids – sometimes people are just not ready for those little hearing devices. If that is the case, a number of Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) are available to assist with your hearing. Sometimes also your hearing aids may need a bit Many of these options may also be subsidised under the Hearing Services Program with your government pension.

Assistive Listening Devices


A wireless headset connectable to your TV so you can hear the sounds from the TV at your one required volume. A great way to continue watching your favourite shows and movies with loved ones without the volume being too soft for you or too loud for your loved ones. 

Pocket Talker

A portable headset and microphone set, particularly useful when you are out and about and need to hear a specific person, such as a medical appointment for example. Also, a good alternative to hearing aids for people with serious dexterity difficulties

Alarm Clock

Clocks specially designed for hearing loss, offering a louder than normal alarm sound and a vibration option for your bed to wake you up. 

Hearing Aid Accessories

External Microphones

Most hearing aid brands offer stand-alone microphones which can be placed on a table or a speaker and streamed directly into your hearing aids. Particularly useful for large meeting spaces or in noisy environments.

TV Connection

Devices linked to your TV or sound system to stream sounds directly to your hearing aids. This allows you to watch TV with everyone else at a comfortable level which still being aware of surrounding noises and conversations. 

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