Update to the Signia App

Update to the Signia App.

We’ve recently come across instances of Signia hearing aid wearers having issues with using the app on their phone. It looks like the Signia app has received an update that has been creating some mischief. The symptoms can be the app not opening, the hearing aids not syncing or certain functions not working. The good …

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Keep your hearing aids dry

Keep your hearing aids dry.

Unless you’re a tropical plant, moisture generally does not make for a good friend! Unfortunately for hearing aids, moisture is all too present and can easily cause damage or corrosion to the tiny devices. Factors such as rain, sweat or general humidity can easily cause a problem. And given the importance of these devices to …

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Sudden onset hearing loss

Sudden Onset Hearing Loss.

For most people, hearing loss is a gradual process taking years to settle in. Sometimes you can pin it down to noise exposure, age or medical treatments. But there are times, thankfully not frequent, where one might wake up and just suddenly not hear from one ear. This is known as a sudden onset hearing …

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Take 3 Fundraising initiative

Take 3 Fundraising initiative.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an independent clinic is being an active part of the community. This can be educating people on hearing loss, or it means putting our name to charitable efforts. One particular charity close to our hearts is Take 3.  Why Take 3. Take 3 is an Australian charity …

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Aiding your Unaidable Ear

Aiding your Unaidable Ear.

More often than not, with a hearing loss, you’ll find a relatively similar loss in both ears. However, sometimes one ear may be worse off than the other, and sometimes, it may be classified as “unaidable”. In this case, the hearing loss is too severe for a hearing aid to give sound. The good news …

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Breast Cancer and Hearing

Breast Cancer and Hearing.

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, raising awareness and donations for the disease. Most people have a friend or relative affected by Breast Cancer, making it an important topic to address. And much like hearing loss, it is something best handled when diagnosed early.  According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), breast cancer …

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Ear canal

Ear Pressure while flying or diving?

If you’ve ever been on a plane, in a fast elevator or dived underwater, you’ll know that pressure in your ears. The feeling that starts in your ear, travels below your eyes until finally something “pops” and you get relief. Mostly we do this without even thinking about it, but have you ever wondered why …

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Signia AX

Signia AX is an amazing new platform.

The Signia product development department this year keeps surprising everyone, with a new technology platform launched. The Augmented Xperience (AX) platform is the brand new approach to Signia hearing, building on their existing Xperience platform. It is currently available for the Pure Charge N Go models and is expected to roll out further soon. So …

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Moving away from disposable batteries

Moving away from disposable batteries.

If you’ve been following new product releases in the hearing aid world, you may have started to notice a trend. That is the move towards dropping disposable batteries and instead focusing on rechargeable devices. In fact, some of the latest technology to come out is not offering any removable battery models at all. For many …

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Moxi Blu from Unitron

New product: Moxi Blu from Unitron.

Unitron certainly has been busy lately, with the release of their brand new platform: Blu. Latest in the Unitron family of hearing aids is a new platform focusing on your experience. After the success of the Discover Next models, Unitron Blu builds on these existing features for an even grander experience.  The major focus of …

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Living with hearing loss

Living with hearing loss

Hearing loss affects more than just hearing. This particular sense affects a lot of your daily life and if left untreated, can become an emotional burden. And poor hearing doesn’t just affect you as a person; it also affects your community and loved ones. We see it at Falls of Sound all the time.  You. …

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Reversing hearing loss

Reversing Hearing Loss

Hearing loss comes from several factors that can be irreversible. Sudden noises damaging hair cells, infections damaging the ear or even just good old fashioned time and age. But not all hearing loss is due to permanent reasons, and there are several ways to help prevent it: Deterring Triggers In most cases, the best offence …

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Oticon More

Oticon More, a whole new world

Recently arrived on the market are new hearing devices set to shake the way we look at hearing. The new Oticon More devices offer a new approach to hearing where the brain is put in the operating seat. You may have already heard about these exciting new devices, so here’s a closer look at what …

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Super power

Super Power new product upgrades

To finish off this first quarter of the year, Signia and Phonak are launching exciting upgrades to their product lines. This time, both companies focus on their stronger power aids for more severe hearing losses.  Signia and the new Motion X. Signia opens with its new Motion X hearing devices. Many people will be familiar …

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Unitron Discover Next

Unitron Discover Next

The excitement is palpable at Unitron, launching not just a new hearing device, but a new technology platform: Discover Next. This platform comes with a range of new features, enhanced capabilities, and several new devices.  Discover Next offers some of the most up-to-date features on the market today. Focusing on enhancing speech clarity, the technology …

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Protect Your Ears

Protect Your Ears

Ears are fragile things, and it doesn’t take much to damage them or your hearing. Sometimes it can be a single sudden noise out of nowhere. More often, damage occurs after spending too much time around noise above specific thresholds. Even water can hurt your ears or cause infections. And stuffing cotton balls in your …

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Australia Day 2021

Australia Day 2021

The Federation On the 1st January 1901, the six self-governed colonies of Australia joined together to officially form a federation. This process one hundred and twenty years ago created the modern and independent Australia that we know today. As the date coincided with the New Year celebrations, a new date was decided to celebrate this …

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