Founded in Denmark by Hans Demant in 1904, Oticon is one of the oldest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Currently owned by William Demant Holdings along with Sonic Innovations and Bernafon, it is considered the flagship producer of the conglomerate. Having won many design awards through the years, Oticon is known for the comfortable sound quality, sleek appearance and durability of its hearing aids.

Opn S

The newest and smartest Oticon technology, the OPN S builds on the OPN features and is able to prevent feedback whistling before it even begins. Offering enhanced speech pattern recognition, you could almost forget you are even wearing hearing aids with this new technology.

Available in Levels 3 to 5 and in battery-operated or rechargeable.


The Sound navigator system scans the environment really fast to reduce unwanted noise and focuses on speech from all directions, offering enhanced sound.

Available in Levels 3 to 5

Oticon Opn
Oticon Siya Hearing aid


The Siya is your discreet inside ear hearing aid, ideal to amplify the rich details of sound directly in your ear or canal. This battery-operated hearing aid comes in various customised sizes for the level of invisibility you desire.

Available in Levels 3 to 5

Oticon Ruby


Outstanding wireless connectivity comes with this small but powerful hearing aid, with the best sound quality for lower technology level Oticon aids. The larger Power models are ideal for a more severe loss.

Available in Levels 3 to 5 and in battery-operated or rechargeable

Oticon Xceed


The big device for the severe hearing loss, Xceed will allow some of the most challenging levels of hearing loss to get sound clearly and make use of excellent wireless connectivity.

Available in Levels 3 to 5

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