Hearing in Comfort with our 5 Year Hearing Maintenance Plan.

As part of our ongoing service to you, Falls of Sound offers an Exclusive 5 year Hearing Care Program. We want to make sure your hearing aids continue to provide you with the best possible hearing – so all hearing aid clients receive: 

  • FREE Batteries for 5 years – battery usage is based 1-2 batteries per week per device, depending on the battery size.
  • For the duration of the plan: every 3 months – full clean and check on the hearing aids – includes changing the battery – replacing the wax filters and replacing the domes.
  • For the duration of the plan: yearly adjustments – includes hearing assessments, reviewing your hearing needs, adjusting hearing aids and switching on of additional features if required.  NB:  Appointments requiring reporting for doctors or ENT’s are not covered in Care Plans, a small fee will apply.
  • Repairs on the spot – for all repairs that can be fixed in house
  • FREE loan hearing aid – if your hearing aid needs to be serviced away from the clinic
  • 10% discount off accessories – new receivers, wax filters, domes and wax removal drops.
  • 50% discount off wax removal treatments
  • Loyalty discounts (not applicable to Unitron Flex Upgrades) based on the length of time since previous purchase. 
  • 3 Year Manufacturer product Warranty*
  • 1 year Loss and Damage Manufacturer Insurance*

Conditions apply

* In-the ear device shell repairs and remakes are free for only 90 days from manufacturer invoice date

* An excess applies to hearing aids replaced under manufacturer’s loss and damage warranty


Why is a ‘Care Plan’ better value for you?

Service Fees applied to devices not purchased from Falls of Sound Hearing Solutions.

  • Yearly review – 45 minute appointment $158
  • Hearing tests – $105
  • Clean and check of hearing aids $45 (4 services included yearly $180)
  • Full price wax removal appointments $105
  • Batteries $4 per card – (estimated value $70 per year)


Questions for Brisbane 07 3378 5999 Questions for Sunny Coast 07 5443 8993

“Look forward to seeing you at Falls of Sound on a regular basis for your hearing aid maintenance”.