Hearing in Comfort with our 5 Year Hearing Maintenance Plan.

As part of our ongoing service to you our 5 year hearing and hearing aid maintenance plan consists of 10 free checks, clean and test of your hearing aids and 5 Audiology support appointments.

This service includes 2 free checks, clean and testing hearing aids per year preferably 6 monthly between visits. No appointment is needed and can be done on a walk-in basis. Our Team will send a reminder when you are approaching 6 months.

The 5 year service also includes 5 free adjustment appointment, 1 appointment per year.  Your aids will be connected to the computer and adjusted to your needs. An appointment is needed for at least 45 minutes.

It also includes FREE batteries for the full lifespan of the 5 year plan!! That’s right free batteries when you need them. If coming into the clinic is to difficult for you, our Team can post the batteries to you.

The entire Team supports this maintenance plan. Underpinned by 15 years of experience this plan will benefit you by easing the burden of the costs involved in maintaining and servicing your hearing aid/s. It also guarantees 5 years of trouble free hearing.

Questions for Brisbane 07 3378 5999 Questions for Sunny Coast 07 5443 8993

Look forward to seeing you at Falls of Sound on a regular basis for your hearing aid maintenance.