Thank You For the Gift of Hearing

Thank You For the Gift of Hearing

It’s not everyday people take time to say thank you in a way that tells you they really mean it. When it does happen, it is truly something to remember. Take the case of Nick and Kay.

Kay is an internationally recognized artist ( who even has a Royal Commission to her credit.

Nick is an Audiologist.

Kay’s world is champagne brunches and evenings at the symphony. Nick’s world, is Rugby games with his brother at Suncorp Stadium and calculating the position of comets in the night sky. You wouldn’t think that they would have much in common, but you would be wrong.

One thing that unites them is they both have a great appreciation for work well done and take great pride in what they do and another is Falls of Sound; Nick works there and Kay is a client.

Their Story

Not long ago, when Kay’s needed new hearing aids set up she of course went to Falls of Sound to have them adjusted. Being in the public eye, she appreciates how inconspicuous the devices are and knew their reputation for quality service.

Apparently, though, she wasn’t quite prepared for the level of workmanship that Nick brings to his job. A few days after her fitting he received this email from her.

“Nick I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant adjustment to my new hearing aids.

You are a true professional and I appreciate being able to `hear’!”

Kay Lipton

And then he received a package. Kay had taken the time to do a portrait of Nick and sent it to him as a way of saying, thank you.

Nick, always the gentlemen of course sat down and sent her a note of thanks.

“Hi Kay,

I can’t thank you enough for the gorgeous portrait and your compliments! Its people like you that make this such a rewarding job.

Thanks again, you have made my week already.

Kind regards,

Nick Parkyn”

To which she replied:

“Dear Nick,

I permit you to use this image and any other of my publications on the Internet,

to further enhance the image/brand of `Falls of Sound’. To be able to `give something back’ for the joy of hearing, besides payment of services, is truly a very satisfying thing for me to do!

It is only just now that I have had `the pip’ to change batteries, by coincidence… I am well stocked. At present I am working on my next auction of my work in Roseberys Auction House London. The last one was so successful!”

Nick is the epitome of what Falls of Sound is all about; quality workmanship, courteous service and personal attention and we are very lucky to have him working for us.

The fact that someone of Kay’s stature feels so strongly about him and our company that she would lend her name and work to us is just beyond measure and I hope she realises how much she means to us as a client and accepts our thanks in return.

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