The Swiss hearing aid company Phonak is best known for its dedication to remaining on the cutting edge of hearing aid developments. As such, it produces some of the highest quality hearing aids available when it comes to hearing speech naturally in noisy situations and music reproduction without quality of sound loss.

Their various technology chipsets – Belong, Marvel and now Paradise – offer a wide range of choice, customization and adaptability for each of their hearing aids.

Phonak Audeo Paradise

Audeo Paradise

The latest and newest technology, Audéo Paradise, focuses on making your hearing as smooth and natural as possible. With directional microphones picking up sound, personalised noise-cancelling options, direct streaming capabilities and so much more, Audéo Paradise are the smart hearing aids designed for you.

Available in level 2 to 5 and in battery-operated or rechargeable

Bolero Marvel

One of the most powerful Phonak hearing aids, the Bolero comes equipped with Marvel technology – for crisper sound and better connectivity. 

Available in level 2 to 5 and battery-operated or rechargeable

Naida Marvel

Phonak has always been known for power devices even since 1978. Naida is the 5ht generation and brings more audibility for high pitched sounds, rechargeability, excellent speech understanding in noise.

Available in Levels 2 to 5 and battery-operated or rechargeable

Phonak Vitro Black

Virto Marvel

Custom made to perfectly fit your ear. Although the hearing aid is very small, its Marvel technology can detect where sounds are coming from to benefit hearing in noisy places.

Available in Levels 2 to 5


Single-sided hearing? Cros B has all the benefits with its “Belong” technology. Ever found yourself in a noisy room and unable to hear those around you because they’re not on the side of your ‘good ear’? Phonak CROS B could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Available in Levels 2 to 5 and battery-operated/rechargeable

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