20 years Falls of Sound

Celebrating 20 Years of Falls of Sound Hearing Solutions: A Story of Passion and Dedication

Yesterday, 20 years ago, Falls of Sound Hearing Solutions opened its doors with a vision to provide exceptional hearing care to the community. A beacon of excellence in the field of audiology, thanks to the vision and dedication of its founders, Katia and Peter. The very first independent hearing clinic in the western suburbs of Brisbane. What started as a small endeavour has blossomed into a renowned clinic known for its exceptional care and commitment to improving the lives of those with hearing loss.

Katia’s story

Katia’s journey began as an audiometrist with a passion for helping others hear better. Her expertise and compassionate approach quickly earned her a reputation for excellence. As the demand for her services grew, she took the bold step of starting Falls of Sound Hearing Solutions with Peter’s unwavering support behind the scenes.

Peter’s story

Peter, with his background in business, recognised the potential of Falls of Sound to make a significant impact in the audiology market. In 2016, he officially joined the team as the marketing officer, bringing a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to further enhance the clinic’s reach and impact.

Passion for helping others

Together, Katia and Peter have built Falls of Sound into a trusted name known for its personalised care, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to improving the quality of life for those with hearing loss. Their dedication to excellence and their passion for helping others hear better have been the driving forces behind the clinic’s success.

As Falls of Sound celebrates its 20th anniversary, Katia, Peter, and the entire team reflect on their journey with gratitude. They look forward to continuing to serve their community with the same passion and dedication that have defined their clinic for the past two decades.

Here’s to Katia, Peter, and Falls of Sound Hearing Solutions – 20 years of changing lives, one ear at a time.

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