Recently released new hearing technology.

Recently released new hearing technology.

Plenty of new exciting products have been released in the last couple of months! Hearing aids are becoming more and more performing, both in sound and daily life, and it shows! Almost all hearing aids are now Bluetooth-compatible to connect your phone calls. iPhone users can even use a fully hands-free calling system, and many new devices now even include a step counter! And, of course, the sound quality you receive simply keeps getting better. So we’ve compiled here a list of some of the new models available to you in the last months. 

Phonak Audeo Lumity

Phonak brings excitement with a brand new technology platform: Lumity. The new Lumity platform builds on the success of its predecessor – the Paradise platform – to provide even better sound quality. Their “SmartSpeech Technology” continues to offer a wide range of sound enhancers to give you the best hearing experience. Automated noise cancellation and motion sensors adjust the sound to whether you are sitting or standing, for example. 

Lumity devices also add a SpeechSensor to optimise your ability to hear speech from the sides and back in noise. They also provide a smooth transition to focus microphones onto a speaker in front of you in noisy situations. Perhaps the most attractive feature is the new AutoSense OS 5.0. This scans the environment and creates up to 200 unique setting combinations to accommodate your listening environment. 

Phonak Lumity’s also Phonak’s first technology platform to be fully rechargeable with no battery options. This implies saving on disposable batteries, protecting the environment and, most importantly, keeping pets and children safe from accidental harm. 

Lumity’s also come in the Lumity Life format, which is Phonak’s waterproof hearing aid. This means you can get the amazing Lumity sound and still do your water sports (up to 50cm deep). The Life charger also comes with 3 days of portable charge, so you’re sure you’ll never run out of battery!

Oticon Own

Oticon is proud to release its new in-the-ear devices: Oticon Own. These are the next step in getting the best speech in a smaller size. These devices base themselves on the technology of their successful behind-the-ear cousins: the More and the Jet platforms. This means many of the features of these hearing aids now appear in in-the-ear devices. For those with suitable hearing loss, it’s a whole new world of sound quality and speech clarity.

Oticon Own come in all sizes and technology levels, with various features in each. Levels 1, 2 and 3, for example, provide the Deep Neural Network technology, an intelligent microchip responding to sounds individually. The microchip was taught over 12 million real-life sounds and how to interpret each one for the best sound reproduction. The result helps train your brain to receive and interpret sounds as naturally as possible. 

The larger sizes also come with the option of getting Bluetooth connectivity while staying discreet. This means your phone calls can stream directly into your hearing devices for an even smoother sound. The smaller – more invisible – models also provide impeccable sound quality without the extra bells and whistles. 

Signia Intuis 4

Signia gives exciting news with the release of the new Intuis 4 line. This model of hearing aid is the newest version of Power and Super Power devices for more severe losses. The low-level line includes some of the exciting features of the AX models while keeping the cost down. Enhanced speech and noise management, directional microphones and augmented focus are among some of the key features. 

Intuis 4 models also fall in the fully subsidised line for government pension patients. This means eligible patients who need new hearing devices can now look at benefitting from even better technology. The Intuis 4 models also offer CROS compatibility for people with an unaidable ear. The level just above the full subsidised option also offers tinnitus therapy and better music quality. 

The new model comes in a wide range of colours and with streaming compatibility for iPhone and Android phones. This allows your phone calls to go directly into your hearing aids for maximum speech clarity. And all this is now available for those with severe hearing loss needing Super Power devices. 

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