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New technologies Oticon Real + Signia 1AX/2AX

This month we look at a couple of technology upgrades. Signia has released some additional features and technology levels to their AX line. In turn, Oticon launches its brand new hearing aid: Oticon Real. 

Oticon Real

Picking up from the huge success of the More range, Oticon now launches its new Real models. Oticon Real uses a new enhanced microchip – Polaris R – to offer an even better sound experience. Like its predecessor, Real focuses on optimised brain health by feeding all the sounds in your life to your brain. The hearing aids identify thousands of individual sounds and know just how to amplify them for you. It forces your brain to work like it is designed to originally. This means hearing sounds around you and training your brain to focus on what’s important. You are aware of the cutlery clinking in a restaurant but learn to hear only the person you’re talking to. 

While the BrainHearing technology is enhanced, the main difference of the Oticon Real hearing aids is the RealSound technology. RealSound offers enhanced speech clarity and focus, and a revolutionary Wind & Handling Stabiliser. Through a series of testing in highly windy environments, Oticon Reals are proven to reduce the impact of wind on hearing. The hearing aids are able to isolate and dampen the wind sounds while still boosting speech. Furthermore, research has focused on the handling noises that surround hearing aids, like hands, hair or glasses. These sounds are now lessened in the Real devices, leaving you with minimal disturbance at all times. 

Finally, Oticon Real come with SuddenSound Stabiliser to offer even more everyday balance to your sound. The hearing aids continuously monitor the situation for sudden and loud sounds and immediately adjust the amplification to match. The result is a more balanced and undisturbed sound which lets you focus on the conversation. This means less effort and concentration required, which reduces the mental stress caused by overstimulation. 

Of course, these new hearing aids all come in rechargeable format and are Bluetooth-compatible. You can stream phone calls directly to your hearing aids from an iPhone or ASHA-compatible Android phone. You can also go fully hands-free on your calls with iPhones, with the hearing aids’ microphones picking up your voice. Oticon Reals come in mid-range through to premium levels and are bound to offer a fantastic level of sound clarity.

Signia 1AX / 2AX

Last year Signia released their new Augmented Experience range of hearing aids – the AX models. They are now excited to release the technology on their first and second-level hearing aid models. The Pure 1AX and 2AX come in battery-operated or rechargeable format, with a button for volume and program control. The Styletto 1AX and 2AX offer a fashionable slim hearing aid in a rechargeable-only model. The Insio 1AX and 2AX, in turn, offer a rechargeable in-the-ear option with full Bluetooth capabilities

Like the higher technology models, the AX technology provides hearing aids with a dual processor for sound. This system is able to identify speech from background noise and treat the two separately. This provides the wearer with lessened background noise and enhanced speech clarity for an overall improved sound quality. The devices are also compatible with direct phone streaming with iPhones and ASHA Android phones. This means your phone calls can go directly to your hearing aids and significantly improve phone speech clarity.

Of particular note, with the new lower-level models, are some of the features previously accessible only from mid-range models? Patients with one unaidable ear can now get a CROS device with a 1AX, 2AX or even with Intuis model. CROS devices are transmitters acting as microphones in the ear with no hearing, relaying sound to the “good” ear. Furthermore, tinnitus notch therapy and sound therapy are now available at a level 2AX.

So if you have been wanting new technology but keeping to lower-level models, Signia has you covered! Give us a call to have a chat about which options will best work for you and your hearing loss. 

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