Phonak Slim

New product: Phonak Slim

This month Phonak released a fancy new addition to their Lumity line: The Phonak Slim. This specially shaped-hearing aid is designed not only for great sound but also for comfort and style. 

The specifics

The Phonak Slim hearing aid is, as the name suggests, a long slim device sitting behind the ears. The particular appeal of the shape comes from its specific head contour. The hearing aids were designed to fit a left or right ear specifically. The idea behind this is to have a more comfortable and snug fit. This means more comfort with glasses and less chance of falling off the ears. The design also includes a push button to allow the user to change the volume or program without needing their phone. 

New platform

The Slims come on the very popular new Lumity platform. This latest addition to the Phonak line offers much-improved speech clarity and sound quality. Some of the features include dynamic noise cancellation and motion sensor technology which reacts to your movements to improve the sound. Like other Phonak hearing aids, they are compatible with all Roger microphone products as well. This offers a further boost to sound clarity in background noise and other complex environments. 

Android and iPhone

Like all Lumity hearing aids, the Phonak Slims come only in rechargeable format with their very own charger. They are also fully Bluetooth compatible, able to stream from iPhones and most Android phones. The hearing aids are currently available only in the top of the range and second from the top. This means all of the exciting Lumity features are available, including the tap-to-answer allowing you to go hands-free on calls.

Available to try

These exciting new devices come in four stylish new colours and are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. The Phonak Slims are now available to order, so give us a call to try them!

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