Hearing Aid Innovations for 2020 and Beyond

Hearing Aid Innovations for 2020 and Beyond

There was a time in the not so distant past when hearing aids were significant clunky devices. Hung behind the ear that did little more than amplify sound, all sound. Today this is far from being the truth—the combination of giant leaps in technology that have taken place over the last few years. And coupled with a growing industry awareness has led to innovations rarely dreamed of just a few years ago. Sleek, fashionable and possessing amazing capabilities today’s hearing aids are wonders of design and technology that are truly functional works of art.

Here are just a few areas where we believe hearing aid manufacturers have begun to shine, in 2020.

Smaller, sleeker, more stylish

From high fashion to near invisibility 2020 brought us a little something to suit every taste. For those who prefer a low-key type of hearing aid, Signia developed the Silk X, which was 20% smaller than the competition when introduced. To not be outdone by Phonak Virto Black and the Phonak Marvel line with most of the other major manufacturers following with a micro-sized completely in the canal (CIC), in the ear (ITE), or invisible in the canal (IIC) model of their own.

For the style-conscious, colourful hearing aid wrappings and a wide array of designs were introduced. Along with Signia’s release of the Styletto X. It is a behind the ear model that comes in five colour combinations. This makes it as much a rechargeable fashion accessory as a hearing aid.


It is not surprising that as integrated devices have become more the norm than the exception that wireless connectivity (Bluetooth) would become a priority in hearing aids. Even some of the smallest models on the market today feature streaming quality never seen before. All this with the users’ very unexpected high quality.

Beyond this, most have dedicated apps that allow you to customize your listening experience. From mated devices, carry-on hands-free conversations and in at least one instance use talk to text in extremely noisy situations.

More to come

The above has already made 2020 an exciting year in the hearing aid industry, and there is more coming. Word has it that, in the coming years, there will be a hearing aid available that is capable of translating foreign languages in real-time. Also, monitor the wearer’s health and activity levels. And perhaps most comforting notifies authorities if the wearer suffers a fall or other mishap.

Fascinating times ahead for an industry we love, the hearing industry. Especially the way we will be able to connect on so many levels.

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