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5 Benefits of Bluetooth of Hearing Aids.

Whether using a Made for iPhone hearing aid, one of the new Asha equipped phones developed by Google and GN Hearing or one of the many models equipped with a streamer there is little doubt that Bluetooth equipped hearing aids bring a lot to the table. To help you decide if one is right for you Falls of Sound presents this incomplete list of their benefits.

1. Sharper tele sound

When you pair Bluetooth hearing aids with a modern television set you reap multiple benefits. No longer will you have to worry about playing the volume too loud for others around you or not being able to hear clearly. You will be able to control your own feed giving you cleaner sound with better comprehension.

2. Connecting to hearing loops

The majority of theatres, auditoriums, cinemas and even courtrooms are now equipped with hearing loops. Your Bluetooth enabled hearing aids will allow to access these loops and fully enjoy these public venues even better than those with normal hearing. You will be able to completely customize your listening experience.

3. Hands-free phone calls

With a Bluetooth equipped device, you can answer phone calls entirely hands-free. Some models can even be set to automatically pause other streams you are listening to when you take a call.

4. Improved listening experience

For all practical purposes, your hearing aids are some of the highest quality earbuds available. Whether you are out for a walk, breaking a sweat in the gym or just relaxing while listening to your favourite music on your phone or handheld music player. You will have top quality sound fed directly to your ears.

5. Customized controls

Everybody is constantly fiddling with their mobiles these days. With most Bluetooth enabled hearing aids, you will be able to adjust your volume and other settings without anyone being the wiser. From busy city streets to quiet office settings you can stay in control of your listening experience without revealing you wear hearing aids.

These are just a few of the many ways that Bluetooth compatible hearing aids can improve your quality of life. For more information contact ‘Falls of Sound’ to discuss the many ways we can help you with any hearing issues you may have.

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