Phonak Virto Black

Phonak Virto Black, Trendy High Tech for the Hearing Challenged.

It isn’t often that we here at ‘Falls of Sound” get really excited about the introduction of a new hearing aid. Being an independent hearing centre, we see a constant flow of new and updated devices from all of the major manufacturers. Once in awhile, though, something comes along that is a real game-changer. That is the case with the Phonak Virto M Black.

Phonak marked themselves as a company on the technological cutting edge when they introduced the first true Bluetooth® assistive hearing device back in 2018. Their latest offering proves they haven’t lost their drive and that they are as concerned with their client’s emotional needs as high-tech gadgetry.

The Phonak Virto M Black is a high-end programmable medical device that delivers individualized sound processing and amplification. Fully customizable to the wearer’s unique hearing needs. It also happens to offer hands-free calling, music streaming, noise reduction, an audio control app and all of the other features that you would expect to find in a set of top-shelf wireless earbuds. Best of all, earbuds are exactly what they are designed to look like.

Often social stigma stops people with hearing loss from wearing hearing aids. The Virto M Black completely avoids this issue. Everywhere you go from the gym to the supermarket to beach people are wearing their wireless earbuds. In truth, they have become a bit of a status symbol—Trendy yet a useful gadget.

The Virto M Black not only looks like a set of earbuds. They look like the smallest, most advanced buds on the market. In a sense, that is exactly what they are. You won’t find any at JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman with the capabilities these offer.

The earlier that hearing issues are diagnosed, and corrective action is taken, the greater the long-term benefits can be. Now, for the first time. We can offer a hearing aid that people not only won’t want to hide but can be proud to wear. For us here at ‘Falls of Sound that is something to get very excited about.


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