Hidden Hearing Aids

Hidden Hearing Aids, What to Expect

At Falls of Sound, we know many of our clients find it difficult to accept that they are having problems hearing. Even worse, we know, many times people avoid getting help out of embarrassment. Often it is a fear that being seen wearing a hearing aid will somehow change them as a person. We understand this and want you to know it is senseless fear. With the latest technological advancements in hearing aids, it is likely no one will even notice them.

Take Signia’s Silk hearing aids that we have just recently added to our line of Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC) hearing aids. This tiny, near invisible hearing aid, was a godsend for our new client James*.

Being in his mid-fifties, James felt he was too young to be wearing hearing aids. His wife and children had been telling him he needed his hearing checked but what would his boss say. Would his work have an issue if they saw him wearing a hearing aid?

Luckily, his wife, children and good sense have won out over pride and his work fears. James contacted Falls of Sound as he was after a local, independent clinic that was close to his home in Brisbane. He made an appointment, had audiologist Nick Parkyn test his hearing and now James is now one of our favourite clients.

James seemed shocked at how simple and easy the entire fitting process was for his new hearing aids. He can’t believe how clearly he can hear sounds that he didn’t even realise he was missing. Perhaps best of all, his boss and co-workers haven’t even noticed his hearing aids. They have noticed he seems to be paying better attention and that his productivity is way up.

If you or those close to you are having issues hearing, it’s likely to be hearing loss. We can help you hear clearly again with confidence. For a confidential chat about hearing loss, Signia Silk or other discrete hearing aids. Contact Nick and the team at Falls of Sound for an appointment today and let us show you how we can help you with hearing loss.

*James is a fictional character created based on several customers serviced by Falls of Sound.

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