Anzac Day

Falls of Sound Celebrates ANZAC Day All Year

There are many steps that a nation passes through on its way from being a name on a map to becoming a respected member of the international community. At the advent of World War One in 1914, Australia had only been federated for 13 short years. Displaying the pride that has always personified the Australian people, despite her young age, she sent her young men to join the forces of the Commonwealth.

On the 25th of April 1915, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) landed on the Gallipoli peninsula. Their ultimate goal was to capture Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire and remove them from the war.

The battles raged on for eight long months. Heavy losses and extreme hardships were endured by both sides. The campaign having become a stalemate, at the end of 1915 the Allies pulled their remaining troops from the peninsula. Left behind were more than 8,000 ANZAC souls who had made the ultimate sacrifice.

Though the campaign was not a success, the tenacity and courage of the Australian and New Zealand troops, in the face of often overwhelming odds created the ANZAC Legend.

Since that time, Australia’s armed forces have fought and died in many battles. The uniforms, weapons and tactics have evolved greatly over time. What hasn’t changed though, is the soldiers who rise to their country’s call.

From those first young sons of Australia to the men and woman who wear the uniform today, all deserve to be remembered and that is why we have ANZAC Day.

A soldier’s life is never an easy path. Even in times of peace, their lives are filled with hazards. At ‘Falls of Sound‘, we see on a regular basis what the environment they live in can do to their hearing. Big equipment, big guns, and constant noise can slowly take their toll.

That is one of the reasons we are so proud of the work we do. We are proud to serve those that serve us, through our work with The Office of Hearing Services. We offer free hearing test and voucher assistance to members of the Australian Defence Forces through Department of Veterans.

It is just one small way, we try to celebrate their service and honour their sacrifices every day.

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