Independent hearing clinic

What does it mean to be a long-term, independent hearing clinic?

This coming April 2021, marks 17 years of Falls of Sound in Indooroopilly as well as the 10 year anniversary of Falls of Sound Maroochydore. When it comes to independent hearing clinics, that’s a long history of looking after our patients and learning with them. And it comes with a lot of benefits for our new and ongoing patients. 

The Falls of Sound origin story

Once upon a time, there was an audiologist who dreamt of helping people on their hearing journey. Katia originally came to Australia as part of a Siemens team to train audiologists around the country. After several years, however, the constant travel started to take its toll and most importantly: she missed helping people with a hearing loss. Her vocation was to help patients one-on-one and eventually the call of the clinic became too strong. 

Having explored many brands in the past, Katia knew there was no “one best solution”. She, therefore, decided in 2004 to start her very own clinic from where she could work with all brands. Her devotion to holistic care soon became a hit and the clinic in Indooroopilly flourished. So much so that by 2011, Katia decided to challenge herself again and build a second clinic. She moved the family up to Maroochydore and began a new Falls of Sound to service the Sunshine Coast. 

How it affects our service

Today both clinics work in a synchronised method. Patients of one clinic are welcome at the sister clinic at any time and can expect the same top-level service. And while Katia is primarily based in Maroochydore, she often comes to keep an eye on the Indooroopilly clinic. 

The long history of the clinic is also something that works in favour of our patients. Over the years hearing aid models evolve, changing parts along the way. As independents servicing all hearing aids, we’ve developed a bit of a hoarding habit! This means when your older hearing aid needs a minor fix, there’s a big chance we’ll still have the parts. 

We also don’t believe in a “one-size fits all” policy. Katia’s history with multiple brands has made us work with all hearing aid brands and models. We listen to you, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle and find the device that suits you. And we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you have the best hearing health journey possible. 

Most importantly, the long-term status of our clinic allows us to look after you in the best way possible. We listen to the stories over the years and we get to know you. When you come through the door, you’re not just our client who wears hearing aids. You’re the guy who plays guitar in a band. You’re the lady who runs art classes, the woman with the beautiful rescue dog. You’re the one who makes those amazing macarons that we tell everyone about. 

This is what makes us proud to be an independent clinic for so long. In fact, after all this time, many of you probably know the clinic better than we do! 17 years later, we are delighted to continue to achieve Katia’s dream with you. And we look forward to many more years independently looking after your hearing health.

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