Oticon More

Oticon More, a whole new world

Recently arrived on the market are new hearing devices set to shake the way we look at hearing. The new Oticon More devices offer a new approach to hearing where the brain is put in the operating seat. You may have already heard about these exciting new devices, so here’s a closer look at what they really are.

Different approach

Traditionally, hearing aids have focused on enhancing the sounds you want to hear and reducing background noises. Over the years, this approach has been perfected and has enabled hearing aids to offer significantly more sound clarity. Oticon has decided to try a different approach by instead feeding more sounds to the brain. 

The brain helps.

As we all know, the brain is an incredible tool able to adapt to all sorts of information. One of these is the interpretation and processing of sound it receives. It naturally takes all the sounds it hears and chooses what to focus on in greater detail for us to understand. It’s the very difference between “hearing” and “listening”, which the brain is programmed to do. After all, natural hearing involves being aware of surrounding noise and being able to “tune it out”. According to the research by Oticon, removing background noise affects this capacity for natural interpretation and may affect brain health*. 

12 million real-life sounds.

Oticon More devices tackle this head-on by taking in all the sounds and giving the brain what it wants. Over 12 million real-life sounds have been recorded and fed to the devices to learn from. Sounds like cutlery clinking in a restaurant, crowded voices in a supermarket or tires on the road. Even different voice tones, languages and accents have been used in the programming for the most efficient results. They then balance out into what is given to the brain, which regains the ability to process sounds naturally. 

Plus all the latest modern hearing aid features.

Further to this exciting new approach to hearing, the new Oticon hearing aids come with all the modern perks. Oticon More is rechargeable, so there is no battery change, and it needs only 3 hours to charge for a full day’s use. They also come with full Bluetooth connectivity, allowing direct streaming to compatible iPhone and Android devices. This means receiving phone calls or listening to music directly into the hearing aids. Finally, they come in a wide range of colours, including a flashy pink in support of breast cancer. 


If you are interested in learning more about these new devices or trying something different, give us a call. Falls of Sound is excited to discover more about this new approach with you! Call 3378 5999 for Indooroopilly and 5443 8993 for Maroochydore.

*Visit https://www.oticon.com.au/professionals/audiology-and-technology/our-approach/we-think-brain-first for more information on the Oticon research on brain processing. 


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