What Does Independence Mean To You?

One of the most common questions we get asked at our Falls of Sound Hearing Clinics is why we stay independent. In most industries, if you have a bit of success some big company wants to gobble you up. Ours is no different, except for one important fact. We understand that it is this very independence that is the key to our clinic’s success.

The Meaning of Independence

Isn’t freedom what independence is all about? Aren’t the two words synonymous? Where other hearing clinics may be limited in the services and products that they can offer you, we have complete freedom.

The freedom to offer you the best hearing aids for your particular hearing problem. Free to service your hearing devices, even if you purchased them somewhere else or online. Nothing will stand in our way to do our best to help you to the best of our abilities. We are free to do all of this without anyone looking over our shoulders or asking why we didn’t up-sale.

The Value of Being Independently Owned

There can be advantages gained from agreeing to represent a particular company or even selling your business to them outright. You may be able to offer deeper discounts from time to time or specials unavailable outside their networks. But, these come at a cost and for us, that cost is too high.

The cost wouldn’t be ours. It would be to our customers.

Before our founder started her first Falls of Sound Hearing clinic she worked for some of the biggest manufacturing names in the industry. The one truth she learned is that there is no single best brand. They all have strengths and weaknesses.

It was only by being and remaining independent that she could be sure of delivering her clients the best possible service. Falls of Sound remains dedicated to that idea today.

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