Hearing Awareness Week Workshop

Hearing Awareness Week Workshop a Big Success!

The last full week of August, Australia celebrated Hearing Awareness Week. As is their habit, Falls of Sound joined the celebration by providing the community with an afternoon of fun and information.

The day was begun with one of Falls of Sound’s, Certified Audiologist delivering a short talk about general hearing issues and what has been learned from the latest research. Following this short introduction, you had your choice of four interactive workshops being held.

The subjects you could choose from this year included:


Tinnitus is that buzzing or hum that you hear that is only in your hearing. Despite what many believe this isn’t just something you have to learn to deal with. True, there is currently no cure for Tinnitus. But, there are devices that can help cancel these sounds out and help you hear more naturally than you would believe.

Hearing In General

As you can imagine, general hearing issues covered a very wide range of subtopics. There is perhaps, more research being done right now of how we hear than at any time in history. This makes it a very exciting time to be an audiologist. It also makes it very important for you to stay up to date on the latest findings.

Hearing Technology

From the above, you can gather that great strides are being made in assistive hearing devices. The technology that is available to you today is far beyond anything that was even dreamed of ten years ago. The hearing aids that are available to you now are wonders of technology. They are small enough to be all but invisible and deliver more natural sound than ever before. If you have been wearing the same hearing aids for some time, this was a workshop you could have truly benefitted from.

Hearing Technology Cleaning

Buying a hearing aid is an investment in your quality of life. Needless to say, to receive the best service from it, it must be properly maintained. That includes regular checkups with your audiologist and daily cleanings at home. Care must be taken though, to avoid damage. This workshop showed how to properly clean a hearing aid to keep it in top condition and providing you years of service.

Along with the workshops Falls of Sounds provided a catered lunch, door prizes and free gifts. If you missed it this year you might want to mark your calendar for next. It is an event well worth the time to attend.

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