Major Hollywood Movie Spotlights Tinnitus and Hearing Loss.

“Baby Driver” a recently released Hollywood thriller is a landmark film for the hearing impaired. It has been an uncommon event for movies to portray characters with hearing issues as part of popular culture. Rarer still, has it happened that actual hearing impaired actors were used to depict these parts.

The Movie

Edgar Wright, director of movies such as “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz,” has now done both. Having suffered with Tinnitus since childhood Edgar brought a special understanding to this movie.

The movie, starring Ansel Elbort in the title role, centers on a young getaway driver who deals with his severe Tinnitus by playing his own personal soundtrack when behind the wheel. He finds himself in debt to crime boss Kevin Spacey and is forced to take part in a doomed heist. To find out more, watch the film.

C.J. Jones

Of special note, in this film, is the performance of C.J. Jones as Baby’s, hard of hearing, adopted father, Joseph. While many may not be overly familiar with Jones work, he has been around for almost 35 years. His credits include numerous television show appearances and a Tony Award for his stage work. C.J. was also one of the featured entertainers in the documentary “See What I’m Saying”. By the way, he is also completely deaf.

Importance of the Film

It is estimated that in excess of 17 percent of Australians suffer from some type of hearing impairment. This movie shows that in no way should this impede you from having a wonderfully productive life. Even the hearing impaired can be action heroes.

While Baby’s use of loud music may not be the best method available for dealing with tinnitus, the role does highlight the issues that sufferers must endure. The addition of C.J. Jones also brings to the forefront hearing issues as they truly exist.

Falls of Sounds applauds Edgar Wright for his efforts in bringing these real life issues to life on the screen and hope that others will follow his lead.

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