Starkey Evolv AI

Starkey Evolv AI new products.

Exciting news from across the world with new products this month! The American brand Starkey has just launched their new “Evolv AI” hearing aids, packed with exciting features. Starkey focuses on taking hearing to the next level by looking after your general health at the same time. New models, new technology and a new approach – that’s “evolv-ing” for you!

Exciting new platform

The highlight of this new platform is its enhanced sound system and health focus. The hearing aids are now able to measure your steps and social engagement (through speech). Using the app on your phone, you then receive a “wellness” score indicating how healthy you have been. For those who like to compete, it’s a fantastic opportunity to better your health through physical and social engagement. 

Personalised options

Additional features of the hearing aids include numerous personalisation options for your sound. Everyone’s hearing preferences are different and Starkey’s app offers options to make small changes in everyday situations. You will also find a feature to help locate lost devices and one to set reminders on your devices. You can even run self-check diagnostics on the hearing aids should they stop working all of a sudden. 

Useful alerts

The hearing aids also come with a “fall alert” function. The devices register if you’ve taken a sudden fall and are set to automatically contact selected family or friends. They will receive an alert and be able to react accordingly to check on your safety. This is especially handy for those living alone as an additional level of security and comfort. Furthermore, Starkey offers a “Thrive Care” optional app to let a loved one help and access your hearing aids.

Smallest Bluetooth hearing aid

The Evolv AI platform also offers the smallest Bluetooth compatible hearing aid in the world. Their Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) device is fully Bluetooth enabled with all the features of the behind the ear models. While not suitable for all types of hearing loss, this does open an even more invisible option with Bluetooth compatibility. Starkey also offers this technology in a smaller behind the ear model – Micro. This means all of the above features, as well as streaming phone calls/music to your hearing aids. The only difference is that both of these still need batteries to operate, while the larger models are rechargeable. 

If you’ve been thinking about new devices and want something a bit different, then this is the opportunity for you! The Evolv AI hearing aids are now available so contact your Falls of Sound clinic to book a trial. Have a chat with our audiologist about options to suit your loss and find the right fit. And get ready for so much more than just a hearing aid!

Team Falls of Sound.

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