New Audeara Headsets

New Audeara Headsets.

As audiologists, there’s one question we often hear new patients ask when they’re just not quite ready. “What’s the step between hearing aids and no hearing aids?”. When told one has a hearing loss, the thought of wearing hearing aids sometimes feels too extreme. But generally, if you’ve come for a hearing test, it means something is affecting your daily life. So if not hearing aids, then what? 

The headset

Audeara is a manufacturer of headsets, particularly designed for television and phone streaming. These headsets are wireless, and noise-cancelling and allow you to watch movies at your preferred volume. It also means you can watch TV with a loved one without making the sound uncomfortable for them. You can even put the TV on mute and continue to enjoy the sound in your headset.

The appeal

The particular appeal of the new set of Audeara headsets is their programmability. Technicians are finalising the technology to allow our audiologist to program your hearing test results directly into the headsets. The result means a personalised hearing experience when watching television or listening to music. Clearer, sharper speech with enhanced volume to facilitate your experience with media.

Easy to use

The new headsets also come with more prominent buttons for ease of use. They can be connected to your television or to a phone or tablet if you prefer. You can receive all phone calls through the headset offering clearer sound once again. So while they won’t amplify speech around you, your media listening experience will improve significantly. 

Government support

One important note to keep in mind for those on a government pension. Headsets can replace hearing aids as your government fully subsidised device. However, this does mean you will not be able to get subsidies towards hearing aids for five years. So be sure to discuss with your audiologist if this is the best path forward for you. 

Audeara headsets are available in all Falls of Sound clinics. You can request to have them programmed to your hearing loss for a custom order as an extra service. If you have any questions, just give our team a call!

Team Falls of Sound

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