Waterproof and Sweatproof are finally here!

Waterproof and Sweatproof are finally here!

This month Phonak is the brand to bring out some exciting new products! It seems like they’ve picked up on the damp weather recently. Introducing the new Phonak Audeo Life: the first waterproof* and sweatproof hearing aid! And it seems like they’ve picked up on the damp weather recently. 

As we’ve seen time and again, humidity, moisture and sweat don’t mix well with hearing aids. Living in Australia, this kind of environment is a daily struggle for most of us. So Phonak engineers have finally found a way to protect hearing aids from these hazards. 

How does it work

The issue with making a hearing aid waterproof is, of course, that sound still has to go in and come out. As such, Phonak Audeo Life has gone about protecting each of its components individually. The individual seals around the casing are made waterproof, while the electronics inside get their own level of protection. The result is a hearing aid able to withstand rain, showers, exercise and the accidental dunk in the pool. 

Now, of course, as with everything deemed waterproof, this isn’t to say you should go to the extreme! The hearing aids are designed to be waterproof in depths of up to 50cm. No scuba diving with these. Similarly, it is still recommended that you shower without the hearing aids and avoid the laps in the pool. 

Perfect for outdoor activities.

But this does open a lot of opportunities. Ever thought of taking Aqua Zumba and worried you wouldn’t hear the teacher? Ever found yourself taking your hearing aids out while gardening or on the golf course to protect from sweat? Ever looked at the torrential rain and thought it best to go without hearing aids, just in case? Well, now you don’t have to worry about any of this anymore!

Exciting features

Phonak Audeo Life also comes with a range of other exciting features. It uses the same technology chip as the Paradise hearing aids, thus getting all the benefits of that technology. That means Bluetooth compatibility, 16 hours of battery life (including 8 hours of streaming) and enhanced sound. 

This device is rechargeable using an inductive charger, to avoid damaging charging contacts. Just drop the aid in the charger without worrying whether it has made contact correctly. The new charger is independently portable, thus offering three full charges on the go. 

New App.

Finally, Phonak will be launching a new upgrade to their phone app, applied to this and earlier models. The upgrade, amongst other changes, will offer a health status check. So you can count your steps, and see how active you’ve been and in which environments. You can set yourself health goals, all the while hearing better and in more environments. 

This exciting new hearing aid is now available to purchase. So if you’ve been thinking about new hearing aids, struggling with sweat or wanting aqua lessons, this is your chance! Contact your Falls of Sound clinic to speak to an audiologist and start your waterproof journey!


*up to 50cm depth

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