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Pure Bluetooth a Boom for Hearing Aid Wearers

When the first Bluetooth compatible hearing aids were introduced back in 2014 they caused quite a stir in the industry. Not only did it open the door for some exciting new capabilities but it also tied the industry to the brand name Apple® which was enjoying worldwide recognition.

As exciting as this was, no one at the time had even an inkling of the capacities that Bluetooth hearing aids would bring to the scene. The new Signia Pure™ 13 BT  made for iPhone hearing aids are a prime example of just how far we have come in just a short time.

Have you ever had trouble watching the TV with a group of people or taking a phone call in a noisy restaurant or pub? The Signia Pure™ hearing aid will make those issues disappear. By connecting your hearing aid directly to the television or your phone you can have the sounds you want to hear beamed directly into your ear. You can enjoy watching the Footy with your mates and not miss a beat of the commentary or a call from your better half because of the background noise.

That is just the beginning of what the Signia™ 13BT can bring to your life. Have you experienced things just not sounding right to you but been unable to describe why to your audiologist? With the Signia myHearing App, you can connect with your hearing professional from just about anywhere in the world, as long you have an internet connection, and allow them to hear what you are hearing and read your hearing aid settings.

That is what is called The Connected Ear.

Beyond this even, it can adapt to hearing situations even if you are moving. Rather than being flooded with all the noise you encounter while moving around the office or town the, Signia Pure™ 13BT reads the situation and filters out passing sounds while keying on directed speech. This means that at most times you can carry on a conversation or hear someone calling you even if there is traffic noise or groups of people rattling past you.

The myHearing App coupled with the new Signia Pure™ 13 BT hearing aid brings you hearing like you have never known before. In some situations, like watching a sporting event or taking a call in a noisy environment, it may even put you one up on those without hearing problems.


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