Independent freedom of choice

Why Falls of Sound Hearing Centres are Independent.

Considering our founder’s extensive background with some of the biggest names in the hearing aid industry, many people are surprised that we are an independent clinic. They believe she would have picked the best of the best and become an affiliate for them.

The truth is, it is precisely because of her vast experience that our independence is so important to us. During her years of working across Europe and Australia, she learned that there was no single best manufacturer of assistive listening devices. Hearing loss is a diverse field and different companies focused on different aspects of it.

Because we use a variety of suppliers with which we have normal commercial terms of trade. We can be very flexible in meeting the needs of our clients. Rather than being limited to one companies offerings, we can supply the hearing aid that best fits their need. We can fit and repair almost any brand. Even if you bought your hearing aid online, our expert technicians can assist you in properly fitting and adjusting it.

‘Falls of Sound Hearing Centres’ were founded on the idea of providing the very best in hearing maintenance services. Our independent status plays a big part in making that possible. We answer to no one but our clients. No company can push us to recommend a certain model or brand. We can pick and choose from the very best on the market to meet each patient’s particular needs.

Independence is a wonderful thing. The essence of it, for us, is having the freedom to always make the right choices when assisting our patients. There is nothing any single company could offer that could take the place of that.

Help us celebrate our independence by exercising yours. If you have concerns about your hearing or are in need of a new hearing aid contact ‘Falls of Sound’. You have to hear what you’ve been missing.

For more information please contact us on 07 3378 5999 for Brisbane and 07 5443 8993 for the Sunshine Coast or submit your enquiry below.

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