Protect Your Ears

Protect Your Ears

Ears are fragile things, and it doesn’t take much to damage them or your hearing. Sometimes it can be a single sudden noise out of nowhere. More often, damage occurs after spending too much time around noise above specific thresholds. Even water can hurt your ears or cause infections. And stuffing cotton balls in your ears hoping for the best definitely isn’t the answer. That’s why special earplugs exist to meet daily and even sleeping needs. 

Protection earplugs

Loud noise is the most common culprit when it comes to hearing health getting damaged. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of it comes from regular ongoing activities. Workplaces like construction sites, operating heavy machinery or gardening for instance can, over time, lead to a loss. Which is why protection plugs exist. These are custom-made to fit the shape of your ears and block out the right level of decibels to protect you efficiently.

Musician earplugs

That’s right, working around loud music regularly can also affect your hearing. Therefore, it’s important to protect your ears. So what if you still need to hear the sounds around you? Musician earplugs are designed specifically for these cases. These are designed to reduce the level of noise while still allowing sounds – like instruments and music – to come through. Multiple filters are available to adjust precisely to the level of decibels or instruments you need to block out. Whether you need to lower a violin sound or protect from live concerts, these custom made plugs have got you covered. 

Swimming plugs

Not all ear damage is caused by sound levels, a common factor can also be swimming. Some people are more easily prone to ear infections, which regular swimming can worsen. Recurring ear infections, in turn, can cause more long-term issues for your ears, including a hearing loss. Swimming plugs are the solution to this problem. Sound can still pass through, but the water-tight disposition helps protect your ear from water getting in. 

Sleep plugs

Another prevalent type of earplugs are those used for sleeping. Everyone has found themselves tossing and turning at night due to noise at one stage in their life. Snoring, street noise, air conditioning humming – all these sounds won’t damage your hearing but can affect your sleep. If this is a habitual occurrence, it’s worth looking into custom made sleeping plugs to get you through the night comfortably. These take the shape of your ear so none of that midnight fight with foam buds – just slip them right in and sleep! Also a useful fit for regular travellers needing to drown out the plane cabin sounds.


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