Unitron Discover Next

Unitron Discover Next

The excitement is palpable at Unitron, launching not just a new hearing device, but a new technology platform: Discover Next. This platform comes with a range of new features, enhanced capabilities, and several new devices. 

Discover Next offers some of the most up-to-date features on the market today. Focusing on enhancing speech clarity, the technology is able to identify the little things in speech. Voice direction, intonation being used, emotional cues and nuances. All the things which help you understand not just the words being said, but the implications of your conversation. By identifying the environment around you, devices are able to enhance the volume of speech while keeping background noise down. 

This platform also comes with enhanced connectivity to your phone for streaming and external accessories. Most interestingly, Unitron’s “Insera” devices on Discover Next are their first in-the-ear aids with wireless and direct streaming capability. That means phone calls and listening to music straight to your hearing aids fitting in your ear.

Another exciting new hearing aid is the “Stride M”, a smaller version of the “Stride P”. This new model offers the same power for stronger hearing losses in a smaller sized behind-the-ear device. And for those on the government Hearing Services Program, this new device is available as a fully subsidised option. Furthermore, Unitron’s “Insera Omni” on Discover Next is the smallest in-the-ear device currently on the market as fully subsidised. 

Finally, the Discover Next “Moxi Move”, “Moxi Jump”, “Moxi Fit”, “Stride M” and “Stride P” are all upgradable. This unique feature means if you feel your level of technology is not enough for your lifestyle, you can enhance it. While keeping your device the same, you can upgrade to the next technology level for even more features. 

So it’s easy to understand why Unitron are excited to share this new technology platform with you! Contact your local Falls of Sound clinic for further information about the technology and devices, and book a consultation today!


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