Australia Day 2021

Australia Day 2021

The Federation

On the 1st January 1901, the six self-governed colonies of Australia joined together to officially form a federation. This process one hundred and twenty years ago created the modern and independent Australia that we know today. As the date coincided with the New Year celebrations, a new date was decided to celebrate this momentous occasion. And that’s how we get Australia Day on the 26th January every year.

Botany Bay

The 26th January refers to the date back in 1788 when British colonists officially landed in Botany Bay and claimed Australia for the British Crown. While this set in motion today’s Australia, colonisation came at a high cost to Australia’s local populations. Thus, many people today believe the date chosen to honour the independence of Australia should be changed.

Celebrate This Beautiful Country

Debates notwithstanding, this is the day that people who have chosen to make Australia their home celebrate this beautiful country. Whether you are a new resident, a multiple-generations Australian or of Indigenous background, celebrations are for all. Of course, we often like to do things a bit differently Down Under, and Australia Day is no exception.

Most National Day celebrations around the world are centred around a significant parade for all to enjoy. Australia Day, however, offers no military parade, focusing rather on the inclusion of one and all Australians. This is a major day allocated for citizenship ceremonies to officially welcome long-term immigrants to the ranks of Aussies. This day is also used to honour “Australians of the Year” through various awards.

Whether you choose to celebrate at one of the many concerts across the country, festivals, firework displays, or even just at a house barbecue, there’s something for everyone at these festivities. Make the most of your parties this year by ensuring your hearing is the best it can be. Drop by your local clinic for a clean-and-check of your devices, or book an appointment to check up on your hearing. We wish you all happy Australia Day celebrations this year!

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