Navigating the sometimes Misleading World of Hearing Aids.

For those who have not had much experience with hearing aids their first exposure to the industry can be confusing and stressful. Often it will seem that people are speaking a totally different language. This can make it difficult to understand what is being talked about much less what it all means. And, to be honest, the way hearing aids are aggressively marketed only makes it worse. While large hearing care provider company may bend the reality in their commercials, this can seem misleading at worst and confusing at best.

Every company claims their particular brand has the latest features and is superior to everything else on the market. Every company throws around laboratory results and research findings like they are going to mean anything to the average person. This all sounds very impressive but really means very little to the end-user without someone to interpret the information they are being given.

You would think that your audiologist would be the person who could help you navigate through this marketing nightmare. Sadly though, many times, their hands are tied. Most hearing clinics are either wholly-owned or under contract with particular brands. They want to help their patients but are obligated to sell the products their company represents.

That is why it is important to seek unbiased and educated opinions. A great deal can be learned by the study of consumer reports and forums. Your best information though, will come from working with an audiologist at an independent hearing clinic.

They have the educational background to understand all of the information that hearing aid manufacturers put out. They also will have an understanding of your particular hearing problems and how to best address them. Their most important asset is their independence.

An independent hearing clinic is exactly that, independent. They will represent several brands of hearing devices without being obligated to any of them. Their best interest lies in providing the best possible hearing solutions to you, their client.

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