Lyric By Phonak

Lyric by Phonak, How Special is it?


One of the main reasons that many people are reluctant to get hearing aids is vanity. It is just human nature to care about how we look and to fear being stigmatised. Now, sufferers of mild to moderately-severe hearing loss need not worry. The Lyric by Phonak delivers near natural hearing in a package that is completely invisible and requires no surgery.

Size maters

The Lyric is a tiny device made of biocompatible material that is placed deep inside the ear. Once in place, it is completely invisible to the outside world and so comfortable you will likely forget you are wearing it. And, because it works with the natural structure of your ear sounds seem much more natural.

Continues use

Best of all, the Lyric gives you the freedom to live life your way; shower, exercise, sleep just as you always have. Wear earphones or buds and talk on your phone just like everyone else. The only limitation is that if you are going swimming or diving you will want to wear swim moulds. The Lyric is water resistant but not waterproof.

You can even leave it in place while undergoing a CT scan or getting X-rays made. You will want to make the technicians aware that they are there but you won’t need to remove them unless you are getting an MRI run.

Unique and optimal plan

Even the way you get the Lyric is unique. You don’t actually buy them. You get them by subscription. The way this works is that you visit a Lyric certified audiologist. They will fit you and place the device inside your ear close to the eardrum. You will have the opportunity to wear it for sometime and then buy a subscription with one of the many payment options to choose from.

After that, it is wear it and forget it. If there are any issues or the battery starts to get low you just return to the hearing centre and they replace the unit complete with any technological updates that have become available. You will always have the latest and greatest in your ear.


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