Cynthia Rutter Retires

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow as Cynthia Rutter Retires.

One of the greatest joys of working in an independent business is the close personal relationships that you form both with your clients and those that you spend your time with on a daily basis. Over time these people become more than employees or even friends, they become family.

They are there to share your triumphs and help you through the hard times. They help you celebrate and console you when the loads of life become too heavy.

Last week,’Falls of Sound’ said farewell to one such member of our family. Cynthia Rutter, the receptionist at our Indooroopilly clinic decided it was time to end her working career and retire.

Cynthia was one of our original employees. From our first days, she stood with us as a steadying hand. When our hearing clinic moved from the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre to its current location she was there to help keep things organised and saw to it that neither we nor our clients suffered during the transition. When Katia and I were blessed with our two children she was there to share our joy.

Carrying a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of technical information and know how on all different brands of hearing aids our clinics offer. She always assisted at our workshops and her love of helping people was a difficult quality to miss. She took great pride in her reputation for never forgetting a promise.

On top of all that Cynthia revelled in solving difficult problems and due to a lifelong love of handicrafts; Cynthia was very good with her hands. This made her a natural at diagnosing issues and carrying out repairs.

Perhaps the things that have set Cynthia apart the most have been her dedication to always doing her best and her ability to put a smile on people’s faces. Having her run our front office always left us with a feeling of security and pride in knowing our customers would be leaving well-taken care of.

We hope she knows she will be greatly missed and that she leaves with our best wishes and hopes for a happy retirement.


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