Reprogram hearing aids

Help Us Help Others to Hear Better

Working at Falls of Sound Hearing Clinic has many advantages. One of the best is getting to sit down with our clients. To tell them they are a part of our extended family and having a chance to catch up is always fun. Lately, though, we have noticed a disturbing trend. It seems a large number of our clients have a friend or relative who has a hearing aid and doesn’t use it.


Of course, we are always curious and ask why and hear a variety of answers to this question. The most common being they were just never satisfied with the way the hearing aid performed.


That is why the Team has decided to add a new service in our hearing clinics. For the small fee of $235, plus needed parts, we will conduct a hearing test and reprogram your hearing aids. No matter where it was purchased. We really want to see people getting the very best from their hearing aids and using them with confidence. If you are a pensioner or veteran and have your hearing aids registered with the government’s Hearing Service Program (HSP), there will be not cost to you. You will only have to sign a form to let the government know we are servicing your hearing health.


For many purchasing a hearing aid is a considerable investment. And it isn’t just the expense that is the concern. We understand the impact that hearing difficulties have on people’s lives. The all too familiar chronic health problems, both physical and mental that hearing loss contributes to. And knowing how not hearing well impacts a person’s quality of life. On a daily basis, we witness the joy people experience when they can once again hear well.


If you know of someone who has a hearing aid gathering dust. In a drawer or cupboard encourage them to contact us. Tell them about our new service. Help us help them discover the quality of life that comes with proper hearing care.

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