Falls of Sound Hearing and Recycling Centre?

OK, that title isn’t exactly accurate. At the same time, it is not exactly inaccurate either. Confused yet? Good, I was hoping you would be but please don’t show up at one of our Hearing Centres with bags of old newspapers or empty cans.

The truth is that at Falls of Sound we are as concerned about our environment as we are about the patients we help with hearing issues. After all, we only have one planet to live on and you would have to be blind and deaf not to realize the impact that pollution is having on our environment and quality of life.

That is why we try to do our part to help serve our community by doing little things and providing small services to help safeguard the health of our planet. No one person or organization can do it all. It is too monumental a task. But, as many hands make light work, we feel that each of us contributing just a little to the common good can bring wondrous results over the long haul.

One of our efforts, to do our part, I am afraid might be going overlooked or at least underutilized. That is the reusable shopping bags that we use for our products. We could use cheaper bags but we are hoping that by providing shopping size, reusable handbags that our clients will use it over and over again, saving themselves money and creating a little less waste in the world.

Another of our environmentally friendly services is we now recycle batteries. Not only hearing aid batteries but household batteries as well.

Batteries contain heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium, mercury, nickel metal hydride and other toxic chemicals that when land-filled or incinerated can cause major damage to our environment and have severe health implications for us. It is important to us to see that they are properly recycled.

These may seem like small things but, to paraphrase, a journey of 1000 kilometres must still be travelled 1 millimetre at a time. Taking baby steps together, we can reach our goal of a cleaner, healthier place to live.

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