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To Avoid Serious Health Issues In The Future Get Your Hearing Checked Today!

Hearing loss is the third most common health issue in the world. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least reported. Some people shy away from getting their hearing tested out of the fear of being ridiculed. Others simply fail to understand the seriousness of their situation.

Why have a Hearing Test

Hearing Loss is not a single disorder but a symptom of many possible problems. It may be an issue as simple to correct as earwax build-up. Hearing loss is sometimes sudden. In this case an urgent appointment is needed. However, Hearing loss is often gradual and might go unnoticed at first. When a hearing loss is treated as early as possible, the benefits will be greater and it can prevent other underlying issues to appear like dementia and Alzheimer’s, etc.

Whether the cause is benign or a sign of a more severe issue it pays to listen to your ears.

Testing Procedures

Hearing test are quick and painless. You will sit and answer a few questions about possible symptoms you may be having related to your ears. These may include; is there a ringing in your ears; any vertigo, discharge etc.

Then your ears will be examined using an instrument called an Otoscope. Most people are familiar with these small hand-held torches found in almost every type of medical clinic in the world. This instrument allows your entire ear from the outer portion to the ear drum itself to be examined. At this point, physical damage or abnormalities are being looked for.

Depending on the physical examination of your ears, there are a number of specialized test that may need to be performed. For the majority of patients though, a simple Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) test is all that will be needed.

Pure Tone Audiometry

In this test, you will wear headphones and sounds varying in volume and frequency will be played. You respond when you hear the beep. Your responses are noted on a graph and the results analysed. It is that simple and only takes a few minutes to perform.

Like most medical conditions, the earlier the cause of hearing problems are diagnosed the easier they are to treat. If you are experiencing hearing issues or your family friends keep telling you that you are, have your hearing checked. The process is simple, painless and takes mere minutes of your time.

‘Falls of Sound Hearing Centres’ audiologists are experts in their field. Beyond this, they are dedicated to making your feel comfortable and welcome in their offices. They always have time to explain what is being done and answer any questions you may have.

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