Remembrance day

2020 Remembrance day is more important than ever.

The 11th of November each year marks the end of the “War to End All Wars”. On this day 102 years ago, an armistice was finally signed between the countries involved in the Great War. After four years of battle, gunfire finally ceased. One hundred two years may not seem like a particularly important number to celebrate. But considering the year 2020 has been, Remembrance Day feels even more important now to look back on. 

This year has been marked with a global pandemic, in many ways a fight of everyone, everywhere, against an unseen enemy. And while we may be physically separated, we are as united as we’ve ever been. Through many restrictions, rules and quarantines, we’ve often heard the phrase: “Come on, this is nothing, our forefathers went through the war”. And today is the day we pay respect to that very statement. 

Almost every person can look into their family history and find a parent somewhere who took part in this war. Remembrance Day is not just about the armistice of 1918 however, but to honour those involved in all wars thereafter as well. That’s why a minute of silence is observed at the 11th hour each year on this day around the world. This year in Australia, the yearly memorial service will take place as always, but with limited attendance. Instead, you are encouraged to watch the ceremonial placing of the wreath and minute of silence on the ABC TV channel. The Australian War Memorial also offers an online platform to post messages of support and honour for service members throughout the years at

Falls of Sound would like to take this moment today to honour those who have served in wars through the ages. We also send our warmest wishes, support and thanks to the many veteran patients of our clinics. We hope our continued care for your hearing health can, in some way convey our gratitude for your service. 

For further information about Remembrance Day observance in  Australia, please visit the Australian War Memorial webpage at

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