Hearing journey

Your hearing journey with Falls of Sound

Falls of Sound is an independent hearing clinic. So, what does that mean? It means Falls of Sound is not owned by a large corporation that calls all the shots. The care your receive is not limited to what is government approved or covered. You are not just a name in a database, but a face we know and recognise. The focus is on you and your health, not on end-of-month figures to bring to a board meeting. And this all translates to you will be cared for from the moment you first contact the clinic. That is why Falls of Sound is very proudly independent. 

The journey

Your journey starts with that first contact, either over the phone or taking that first step through the door. When you ask for a hearing test, it means you or your loved ones feel there may be something not quite right and want to check it out. Before you have even made an appointment, our friendly team will ask you a few questions about your hearing discomfort. In what circumstances do you feel you struggle? One-on-one conversations? Noisy environments? Are your friends and family bringing it up or do you personally think you are having difficulties? Was it a sudden change, or have you felt this coming on for a while? 

The questions

These questions are designed to get a better understanding of where you need help. It will help determine what sort of appointment to give you and how long it will take to get the full picture. We will book you for an evaluation with our hearing specialist, who will ask more detailed questions before starting a test. After all, a hearing loss is more than just a physical manifestation. It affects us emotionally, and we want to make sure we are getting you the results that matter for the bigger picture. 

Hearing evaluation test

Your hearing evaluation will involve a number of different tests. Firstly we’ll check if you have any ear wax which might be causing a sensation of loss. Here we differ from many hearing multinationals. If we do find ear wax, we will remove it and proceed with a test – instead of sending you to a GP first. We will then do an ear pressure test to check if your middle ear is healthy. You will also be taken through a full “beep test” – you may have already done a short version in a shopping centre. You will be given a headset and a clicker in a noise-cancelling environment. All you have to do is listen for beeps played at different pitches and volumes. When you hear the noise, just click, and keep going. Another test will be a speech audiometry test. Nothing you need to study for, don’t worry! You know when you get your eyes checked, and you have to read the small letters on the screen in front of you? The same concept except you are listening for words at various volumes. 

Your test results

Once this is all done, you will be shown your audiogram – or test results – and your audiologist will explain it all to you. If no discernable hearing loss is identified, you can be on your way! If however, a hearing loss has been a detriment, your audiologist will talk you through all options. Keep in mind that while hearing aids may be a solution to your loss, they are not the only option out there. One of the questions we will ask you will be about your lifestyle and your hobbies. Again, this is where our holistic, independent clinic advantages kick in. We want a solution which will make your life the best possible.

Important note

The other important note is that we understand this is a big decision for you. We understand wanting to “try before you buy”. And we also understand that trying technology in an audiologist’s office for 15 minutes does not accurately represent what you need. So you have the option of going home with a set of trial hearing aids. That way you can go about your daily life and really gauge the difference, at home, at work, going out, etc… 1-2 weeks later, you come back to see us and tell us how it all went. 

At this stage, we will have ordered and received your shiny new hearing aids ready for you to pick up. We will adjust them for you, set up any app or Bluetooth connections you may need, and provide information on additional connections when you get home. We will also give you some troubleshooting tips, in case you need them. And of course, we will explain your exclusive 5-year care plan which comes with your new purchase. 

Five-year care plan

Over the next 5-years, you can expect a lot of tender love and care from us! We will send you a 3-month and 12-month survey to check how life with hearing aids is working out for you. If there is anything we can do to adjust your devices, just let us know. Every 3 months, we will send you a reminder that your devices are ready to be cleaned and checked. But if you feel like they need a clean more frequently, that’s ok too, just bring them in whenever you need. If you find that for some reason your devices aren’t working as they should, bring them in. Most repairs we do inhouse, great! If not, we will arrange a loan device for you free of charge while we send yours for external repairs. Every 12 months or so, we will also bring you in for an annual check-up “on the house” to make sure everything is as good as it can be*. 

And of course, any time you need any help or support, just pop in to see us. That’s the difference of the holistic, independent approach. So come on in and start your hearing journey with Falls of Sound!

*Exclusive 5-year care plans are included only with hearing aids purchased directly at Falls of Sound. Yearly care plans can be purchased separately for devices purchased outside of the clinic. Fees for services apply if not part of a care plan or government HSP coverage. Some repair fees may apply if aids are out of warranty.


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