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New Technology: Beltone Imagine

The auditory revolution you’ve been waiting for is finally here with the brand new Beltone Imagine hearing aids. Equipped with GN Resound new Microphone & Receiver In Ear technology, Imagine offers a whole new dimension to hear sounds as naturally as they should be. 

How it works

The idea is simple enough and yet provides an incredible uniqueness to your hearing experience. As indicated in its name, Microphone & Receiver In Ear technology involves having a microphone directly in your ear canal alongside the directional microphones on your behind-the-ear device. The microphone relies on the natural shape of the ear to reverberate the sounds as naturally as it would have seemed normal. This means your sound is crisper, less “tinny” and amplified, and would almost let you forget you even have them in. 

The hearing aids are also able to adapt to your current situation and conversation. Depending on where the sound is coming from and how much other noises are around, one or the other microphone will kick in automatically. This adaptation to your surroundings offers the most responsive hearing opportunities tailored specifically for you. 

Background noises approach

Building on Beltone’s existing wind resistance technology, Imagine offers an initial 15% wind reduction just from the microphone placement. Then your wind resistance programming kicks in and allows you to truly enjoy the outdoors with minimum interference. 

Imagine also offers several programming features to lessen the whistling or feedback heard from time to time in hearing aids. You also benefit from a sudden noise dampening, to respond to and lessen sudden noises like a door slamming. All this serves to protect your ears and of course, give you the best listening experience. 

Connectivity and accessories

Beltone was the first company to offer made for iPhone connectivity, and the first to provide direct Android compatibility. Imagine hearing aids connect directly to your phone* and stream through to your hearing aids for music and phone calls. Additional accessories are also available to amplify voices, streaming sound or connect to older generations of phones. 

The Beltone application is also fully compatible with these new aids. Armed with this app on your phone, you can fully control your hearing aids at all times – including the microphones. You can also see where your hearing aids were last in proximity to your phone – a handy tool if you cannot remember where you may have lost them! The app also offers specialised sound therapy for those suffering from tinnitus.

And finally, the question on everybody’s lips: what about battery life? Beltone Imagine devices offer an incredible 30 hours of battery life per full charge, with 25 hours should you be continuously streaming. And for those avid travellers, the premium charger offers up to 3 full charges worth of battery life after being unplugged. 

So if you’ve been wondering how your aids may sound more natural and personalised, then look no further. These fresh new devices are available at your local Falls of Sound clinic to be tried and tested. Give us a call on 3378 5999 for Indooroopilly or 5443 8993 for Maroochydore to book an appointment and see what it’s all about. 

*Direct Android connectivity requires Android 10 software, check with us in-store to see if these will connect for you.


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