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Super Power new product upgrades

To finish off this first quarter of the year, Signia and Phonak are launching exciting upgrades to their product lines. This time, both companies focus on their stronger power aids for more severe hearing losses. 

Signia and the new Motion X.

Signia opens with its new Motion X hearing devices. Many people will be familiar with the Signia Motion hearing aids, a very popular model for the brand. These hearing aids are a reliable, cost-effective option with the opportunity to adapt to stronger hearing losses. The new Motion X’s build on the pre-existing features of the previous models by adding the Xperience technological features. This includes Bluetooth streaming, customisable programs, tinnitus therapy, acoustic motion sensors and more. 

Most importantly, the Motion X hearing aids now offer a rechargeable option. In particular, the Motion SP X is the world’s first superpower hearing aid equipped with a rechargeable battery. Battery life expectancy for these devices is up to 61 hours – depending on streaming time – making them even more reliable. And for those on a government pension, the Motion X’s are the first top-up level for your partially-subsidised devices. 

Phonak upgrading superpower.

Meanwhile, Phonak are upgrading superpower hearing aids and their external microphone range. Phonak Naída’s are a popular hearing device for people with moderate to profound hearing losses. Today, Naída joins the Phonak range equipped with the brand new Paradise technology platform. This means dynamic noise cancellation, motion-sensor microphones and further Bluetooth connectivity. They will now also come with Tap Control – the option to answer phone calls just by tapping your ear. Rechargeable options are also available with the Naída Paradise, just ask our audiologist for more information. 

Roger Microphone.

Furthermore, Phonak are expanding their Roger Microphone product line with three new items. The Roger On is a slim microphone that can be clipped to a speaker’s shirt or placed on a table. It serves to enhance the sound received when the speaker is far away or with too much background noise. For further range, you can also look at the new Roger Neckloop, which connects to any other Roger microphone. Children and teenagers with Auditory Processing Disorder or a hearing loss in one ear also have a new product. The Roger Focus II links to a Roger microphone and feeds sounds directly to the child’s ears. This improves the clarity of speech and helps them concentrate in class and in daily life. 


So there you have it, two of the biggest hearing aid brands bringing exciting upgrades to their product line. If you have any questions or interest in any of these products, contact your local Falls of Sound clinic. Our team will be happy to assist and find the best solution for your hearing. 

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