Rosie off to England

If there is one thing that all of us here at ‘Falls of Sound’ have in common, it is that we are all big-hearted people dedicated to helping those in need. While this normally gives us a great deal of satisfaction, there are times when it leads to less joyful happenings.

Visitors to our Maroochydore office will no doubt remember Rosie, our receptionist and audiologist assistant. Her bubbly personality and dedication to customer care make her difficult to forget. It is with less than a glad heart that I announce she is leaving us, for a while.

Rosie has an elderly aunt in England that is need of support for a time. Rosie and her partner Allan, being the faithful couple they are, are answering the aunts call. They will be leaving early next month with 3 February 2019 being her last day with us.

Thankfully, this not a final farewell. While the length of their absence is impossible to determine at this time, Rosie does plan on returning to us. Until that time comes, her position will be taken over by Kyra.

While no one can fill Rosie’s shoes, Kyra brings her own unique set of talents to the office. It is with complete confidence that the reins are being passed on to her.

Rosie is the type person that makes an immediate impression on people. It’s just her natural love of people and team ethic. It is no small amount of pride that we are delighted to have had the opportunity to help Rosie grow into the great audiological assistant she has become.

All of us here at ‘Falls of Sound’ hearing centres would like you to join us in wishing her a safe journey and speedy return.

2 thoughts on “Rosie off to England”

  1. Only received this email today so I am way behind but would like to comment about Rosie. I like lots of other will certainly miss her bubby personality at the front desk not to mention her ability to make you feel important. She was always so quick to clean my hearing aids and supply extra batteries if needed – all in all she was/is a “gem” and I hope we see her back in the near future.
    After saying all this I am sure Kyra will do an excellent job and I wish her well at the front desk.

    1. Thank you Rosemary for your kind words, we all miss Rosie. Kyra is learning every day and is settling in well.

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