REconnect with your hearing

Reconnect with Your Hearing, No Cure No Pay Offer.

Attending the Brisbane Care Expo talking to hundreds of people over the two days. With and without hearing loss the message was shocking! 90% of hearing aid owners did not wear their aids!! Some are aware they have a hearing loss not wanting to act and improve their hearing. 

Normally in our posts, we only deliver positive information and stay away from quoting a bunch of boring statistics. After such an overwhelming two days it’s time for action. For a group of people dedicated to bringing hearing solutions to as many people as possible, this is a completely unacceptable situation.

So, we know that many people gave up on their hearing aids because they no longer provided the degree of assistance that was needed. We know that many never had their aids properly fitted or adjusted, to begin with. We also know that many of these same people could enjoy the many benefits of improved hearing with our help. Hearing aids do work and are life-changing!

To help bring their benefits to the people of Queensland we are making a No Cure No Pay offer. If you have hearing aids but aren’t using them come see us. We’ll assess them and come up with a solution to help you hear better or you pay nothing. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of improved hearing to gain.

The ability to hear clearly brings so many health benefits beyond just improving our quality of life. Allow us to share this gift with you. Contact Falls of Sound today for a free consultation.

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