Hearing Awareness Week 2020

Celebrating Hearing Awareness Week and World Hearing Day

The World Health Organisation is celebrating World Hearing Day on March 3rd this year. As is usually the case, this will coincide with Hearing Awareness Week, from March 1st through March 7th, here in Australia. Each year this event focuses on a particular aspect of hearing loss and this year it is the effectiveness of early intervention and correction.

Hearing loss doesn’t receive the press that it should when you consider the impact it has on our country. In Australia hearing problems are more common than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It literally affects hundreds of thousands of people and diminishes their quality of life in ways that those with normal hearing could never fathom.

The great thing and what has us so excited, about this year’s focus, is that with early detection and intervention its impact and progression can be minimalism. Studies have found that early intervention can delay the onset and slow the progression of disorders such as Alzheimer’s. But, it is not only the aged that can be helped by the early detection of hearing problems.

Hearing issues of various types strike the youngest of our citizens. This can delay their mental and social development denying them the future opportunities that every child in our society deserves. The great news is that with modern technology, hearing problems can be diagnosed even in infancy and corrective action taken to give all children the chance to achieve their dreams.

As professionals who have dedicated our lives to helping the hearing impaired, we sincerely hope that you will join us here at Falls of Sound in celebrating Hearing Awareness Week and supporting the WHO’s efforts to bring the gift of sound to people of all ages around the world.

Thank You

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