Moxi Blu from Unitron

New product: Moxi Blu from Unitron.

Unitron certainly has been busy lately, with the release of their brand new platform: Blu. Latest in the Unitron family of hearing aids is a new platform focusing on your experience. After the success of the Discover Next models, Unitron Blu builds on these existing features for an even grander experience. 

The major focus of these new hearing aids is on personalisation. Hearing is a very personal thing, with people wanting and expecting different results from hearing aids. Unitron addresses this directly by giving wearers the ability to customise a lot of their programming. Furthermore, changes made to the programming can then be shown to an audiologist for review. That way they can really see exactly what settings are most important to the wearer and work with that. 

Additionally, these hearing aids come in 3 behind-the-ear models aiming for a sleeker look than before. The shape of the hearing aid has been specially designed to be discreet, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The top part of the hearing is slimmer, to fit better with glasses. Meanwhile, the body takes on a curve to comfortably sit on the ear and feel almost like nothing is there. Unitron has also added larger tactile buttons on the devices for easier manoeuvrability. 

Now for the more technical side of things. Unitron Blu devices feature the usual noise cancellation and directional microphones as other models. They also come with Aufocus 360, an automatic feature that aids in loud environments. It automatically improves speech enhancement, directionality and offers dynamic noise reduction. When in quieter environments, Unitron Blu enhance spatial awareness and offer soft speech lift for maximum clarity and comprehension. 

Finally, Unitron Blu devices offer tap control – tapping your ear to answer phone calls for instance – and Bluetooth connectivity. They are compatible with Android and iPhone devices alike and come in battery or rechargeable models. And as with their predecessors, technology levels can be upgraded after purchase for even better sound. 

So head into your Falls of Sound clinic today to ask about these exciting new hearing devices! Trials can be arranged for you to test at home and see what a difference Blu can make!

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