Living with hearing loss

Living with a Hearing Loss.

Hearing and quality of life are closely linked. Poor hearing affects both the person with the loss and those they communicate with. A comprehensive study conducted in the USA on the effects of untreated hearing loss on adults as well as their families found that hearing loss impacts on our social, emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing.

People with hearing impairment can experience:

  • ·Embarrassment
  • ·Loss of confidence
  • ·Irritability and anger
  • ·Depression
  • ·Feeling of being ignored
  • ·Dependence on others
  • ·Withdrawal, isolation and loneliness
  • ·Exclusion from family and social activities
  • ·Tiredness

Other people, such as family members and close friends, may find themselves:

  • ·Talking for the other person
  • ·Continually having to explain or interpret
  • ·Sacrificing some activities (eg. theatre, parties)
  • ·Making assumptions about what hard of hearing person thinks or needs
  • ·Frustrated
  • ·Embarrassed in company
  • ·Tired

These effects mean hearing loss can place very real strains on relationships. Hearing aids can make a big difference. The study mentioned above on the impact of hearing loss particularly investigated the difference a hearing aid made to the user’s quality of life. Because impaired hearing results in a distorted or

Incomplete communication, this can lead to greater is isolation and withdrawal and the individual’s social life becomes restricted. This study shows that use of hearing aids resulted in improvements in many qualities-of life areas, in particular:

  • ·Improved interpersonal relationships
  • ·Improved health